May 20, 2011

Indigo's Bracelet Review and Live Chat Details

Indigo's Bracelet
Indigo's Bracelet By: Alexandra Folz
Illustrated By: Carol Ann Johnson

Indigo's Bracelet is a chapter book full of treasures for ages seven to preteen. We found Indigo's Bracelet so refreshing and captivating because Indigo was so grounded in who she is. She's alluring, animated and high spirited.

In today's world this book can help teach children how to be self empowered, learn how to be comfortable in their own skin, and be confident in their choices. Ideal for parents teaching their children how to work through everyday life experiences by being present in the moment.

There are many spiritual tools and hidden messages through-out the book. Reading about a ten year old girl named Indigo, was so empowering even to the reader to watch her self-discovery as she learned to follow her intuition and listen to her inner voice instead of believing what other people said about her.

Indigo's Bracelet left us full of gratitude for the reinforcement and rock solid support demonstrated by Indigo's  mom. 

Review By: Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

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Live Chat Details:

Date: May 24th
Author: Alexandra Folz
Topics: We will be talking with Alexandra about her beautiful book Indigo's Bracelet, the publishing process, how she picked such a wonderful character Indigo to demonstrate to children, tweens, teens and adults how through life's experience's Indigo learned about her spiritual tools, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-esteem, her love for nature and the environment. 
CHAT WILL BECOME LIVE ON THE NIGHT OF THE CHAT AT 9 PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific. Live chat link
Grace from Blessedelements will be donating a gorgeous handmade choker.
Donna will be donating one of her wonderful children's books;  The Golden Pathway
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Win an autographed copy of Indigo's Bracelet By: Alexandra Folz
Indigo's Bracelet
I Think I Am! Children's Picture Book By Louise Hay

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"Supporting the inner light of the children" Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten


Rebecca Dunning said...

Hey guys. Dropping by from Blog Frog! Thanks for sharing.

carol l mckenna said...

Hey ~ love ya and now that I am feeling better ~ hope to be more active ~ was down with rotten cold ~ MA needs to warm up soon! Not to hot, though, got to 'watch what you wish for' ~ LOL ~ Keep up the great work!

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

We are glad you are feeling better Carol. Montana is finally warming up. We are loving it! We hope you can join us for our live chat. 5/24

Tanya said...

What a powerful message - it's challenging to teach our kids not to listen to everyone else but to trust their own instincts -

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Your so right Tanya it can be challenging to teach our kids not to listen to everyone else and to follow their feelings/intuition. Alexandra has packed several powerful messages into her wonderful book. We hope you can join us tomorrow night for our live chat.