May 11, 2011

Thank you everyone who joined us for our live chat last night!
Yvonne Perry thank you for sharing such wonderful insights on your personal story, being an empath, giving us tools to take care of our energy bodies, kids who see ghosts and so much more.

Missed the chat? No problem. Catch the recap here!

Carol Mckenna ~ A gorgeous choker handmade by Grace from
Laura Pickett ~ Who's Stuff Is This? By Yvonne Perry 
Debra Elramey ~ The Indigo Children (Debra was picked from the first five responders from a contest in our newsletter) 
Leigh ~ The Sid Series

Announcement! We have two more live author chats lined up. There will be no live chats in July so we can put any extra time we may have into beginning our second children's book.

Mark your calendars! Tell your friends.

Indigo's Bracelet
Date: May 24th
Author: Alexandra Folz
Topics: We will be talking with Alexandra about her beautiful book Indigo's Bracelet, the publishing process, how she picked such a wonderful character Indigo to demonstrate to children, tweens, teens and adults how through life's experience's she learned about her spiritual tools, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-esteem, her love for nature and the environment. 

Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation
Date: June 14th
Author: Jeff Brown is the author of SOULSHAPING and many articles. Jeff writes for The Washington Post and Good Morning America.
Topics: We will be talking with Jeff about his compelling new book SoulShaping, spiritual health, inner growth, how to look for answers within yourself and more. Here's your chance to ask Jeff all your questions!

"Neurotics numb their feelings; healthy people live in them." ~ Jeff Brown

"The soul has a no-return policy. Once we cross a certain point in our expansion we can't go back."  ~ Jeff Brown


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Donna McDine said...

Fascinating blog! I look forward to visiting in the future!