Jul 4, 2011

Crystal Children Parenting Discussion

In our Blogfrog Parenting Community one of our readers Shena started a great conversation surrounding Crystal Children.
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"I had heard lots about indigo children, yet very little about crystal children. While shopping at Trader Joe's, I met a woman (possibly an angel). She seemed to come out of nowhere. She came straight to me, as if on a mission. She was a 90 something woman with a thick German accent. She grabbed my cart and pushed it to the wall. "I have to talk to you." Read the rest of Shena's post and join in the discussion.

A few characteristics of crystal children.
  • They are very gentle, intuitive and have deep insights to themselves and others.
  • In an open environment they are more than willing to tell you about their past lives
  • Easily connect with the spirit world, seeing spirits, angels, guides or ghosts
  • They may not want to speak with their voice and prefer to think their thoughts to you, sometimes needing to be reminded to use their voice.
  • Crystals like the Indigo's tend to have a deep connection to nature and feel compelled to clean up our planet.

What characteristics have you noticed in your crystal children?

I have previously written about the characteristics of The Indigo Children.
Here's a snippet of my original article.
Who are the Indigo children and adults?
Jan Tober interviewed Nancy Ann Tappe in her ground breaking book The Indigo Children..The new kids have arrived co-authored with Lee Carroll.
In her interview she asks Nancy about the Indigos. Nancy was the first person to identify and write about the Indigo phenomenon in her book Understanding Your Life Through Color
Nancy called them Indigos because of the color she saw. She is a color intuitive. Nancy began seeing the color Indigo surrounding babies and children sometime in the 70's. As she watched more and more started arriving and they tended to have the same behavior similarities. As time went on there was a huge increase in children who were diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities. 

Please join in the discussion about crystal children in our blogfrog community and share with us your insights and what your Indigo or Crystal children are teaching you.
You can read comments here and add your own. 

*Thanks for reading our blog and for joining in on our discussions. 
Written By: Carol Lawrence


Unknown said...

I appreciate the information you provide here! I'm stopping by again to let you know that I have created mp3 audio stories for The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children. The audio book is available at http://dld.bz/AudioStories

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Thank you Yvonne for keeping us updated. We really appreciate it. Be sure to leave a link on our Facebook page.