Jul 6, 2011

I Love You And I Love Myself By: Alexandra Folz

“I love you, and I love myself,” she says with a smile. I heard these empowering words from my eight year old daughter this week. I thought to myself, how awesome! She is harvesting her OWN love.
How often do we hear children talk about self-love? How often do kids express self-love without feeling embarrassed, bashful, or afraid of sounding arrogant?
Not enough in my opinion!
More importantly as a parent, can we say to our child, “I love you, and I love MYSELF?” For some, this may sound corny. I get it, trust me. But let’s step over this obstacle and see the writing on the wall. If we can’t say those words, how can we expect our children to become self-aware, self-confident and love themselves?

So as a mom, I can model self-love to my children. I can listen to my inner voice and talk about how it guides me. I can create/read books like Indigo’s Bracelet to my children, and hope they understand the important messages. And last but not least, I can reflect my children’s gifts back to them, so they can see them too.

But in the end, we cannot make children love themselves. This self-love is uniquely organic. It can only be harvested by the child who has seen someone thrive from reaping their own “crop.”
So every day I dig deep, exploring the infinite extent of love within. What I harvest not only serves my spirit, but the sweet little spirits who share space with me.
I just bought the book, The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves Empowering Our Children. It is written by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. I haven’t read it yet, but I know a core piece of me resonates with the book’s intent. As I read her insights, I will share my thoughts. Thank you Dr. Tsabary for drawing attention to critical parenting elements.
Here’s the link to her website and book http://bit.ly/fn1TAk
Alexandra Folz
ALEXANDRA FOLZ has a Master’s in Nursing and has worked as a Nurse Practitioner since 1997.  Her interest and study of spiritual practices from around the world have expanded her professional work to include holistic healing methods and intuitive readings. Alexandra lives with her husband and two young daughters in Washington State.

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