Sep 22, 2011

What Is Conscious Parenting?

Today begins a short series on what a group of parents and authors feel intentional conscious parenting is. We'd love for you to follow along and share your comments. What is Intentional Conscious Parenting to you?

What is Intentional Conscious Parenting to me? For me personally, conscious parenting is parenting with an open mind, bringing your authentic self into your teachings, discussions and understanding. Conscious parenting is knowing your children are wise spirits who have chosen to have a human experience.

They have picked you to be their parents or parental figure in their lives. It is having an awareness that even though life is about the experience there's a divine plan for everyone. It's about growing consciously together. Knowing there are experiences and growth your children have came here to help you the parent learn. Conscious parenting takes place in present time, allowing an organic conclusion to form and take place without the parent having to be in constant control. It's about allowing spiritual growth on this earthly playground.

Other examples of conscious parenting are:
1. Teaching children the power of their thoughts. How to change them to create different outcomes.

2. Teach them about FEAR. False evidence appearing real. How to look beyond the veil of perceived reality.

3. Demonstrating to your children that mother Earth and her inhabitants matter. Our daily choices have an impact.

4. Teaching and understanding the importance of the care and feeding of the body, mind and soul through proper nutrition, exercise, learning how to relax and rejuvinate. Taking care of your chakras and energy body.

5. Being grateful for their lives, the experiences they are having, their friends, teachers, etc.

6. Saying thank you to their angels and guides for sticking by their side even when they didn't remember they were there. They are always right there by your side. Remind your children how to listen, feel, see, and experience their connection. Ask for assistance, protection and guidance. Children already have these tools. They can become stagnant and dormant with societal teachings and beliefs.

7. As a parent learning how to choose a vibratory state of happiness. Learning about vibration and how it effects you and your children. children naturally live in a state of joy. When the parent is grounded and aligned with their spiritual selves, striving for a state of joy the children can easily stay in a more peaceful joyful state.

8. Learning how to adjust our frequency, connecting to their divine innerselves and follow through on our parenting paths.

9. Knowing and demonstrating, everyone has roles to play but this is not their true identities. Who they really are is a powerful being choosing to be a teacher, doctor, author,etc. Their roles can change depending on what they feel called to be next.

10. Practice getting clear with what your children need. Helping them to bring out their inner creative selves following their true being's path.

"We are all in the labor room and delivery of our new lives." Maureen Moss

"This has become humanities butterfly moment and you can fly free." Maureen Moss

Written by Carol Lawrence parenting adviser, author, blogger, social media manager, lover of life and co- host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show.

Tune in tomorrow as we here from Jeff Brown author of SoulShaping.


sheila said...

Wonderful post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completely agree with you, and you stated this SO beautifully! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post to read at the end of a long week. Your thoughts really resonate with those of my wife, Karen, and I. Thank you so much for sharing. Love Andy

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Thank You! I really love it when people from all over resonate with our thoughts and blog posts. We'd love to hear more about what you think about intentional conscious parenting. We'd even add them to our series!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! How beautifully write. I'm 100% in total agreement. Thank Divine Intelligence for ICP!

Betsy at Zen-Mama said...

Beautiful post, Carol! I was trying to pick a favorite to comment on but each point is so good. Each stands on it's own. I also love the idea that we have all picked our parents!!

ICP to me is just what my book set out to do...
1. Get parents closer to their kids.
2. Help parents to stop worrying and let go of the other bad emotions we sometimes feel as parents like anger and control.
3. Help parents and kids live their true life.

Thanks for a thought provoking post!!

sheila said...

You know I've thought a lot about this post since I first commented. I'm sure you are already aware, but this (picking your parents) is an ancient thought. I was trying to remember where I had learned about this and then it hit me, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. I believe it's one of the stages between death and birth... when the spirit/soul/being/ sees different couples and picks the one that is best suited to fulfill his/her next life's path. The child picks the fit (or relationship/parents).

It's an AMAZING concept.

It (your post) also triggered a memory that I had tucked away. It was a conversation I had with a male friend years (and years, lol) ago. He is the most open minded and philosophical person I know. He told me he was in a dilemma because his girlfriend had announced she was pregnant. He layed in the hammock on a sunny day and let his mind go blank. He was not sleeping, but said everything went silent around him and someone "spoke" to him. Not through a voice or words... but it was like someone on a higher consciousness communicating. That everything was as it was meant to be. That the child had chosen him to be her father. Lo and behold when the child was a toddler, she told him "she had picked him and mommy to be her parents".

Anyhow, thought I'd share. :)

Lovely isn't it?

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Betsy, I'm not surprised this subject matter resonates with you. When true words are spoken you vibrationaly connect with it. That's why we connected with you in the beginning of our blogging journey, your books carry a similar message.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Sheila, We where told at several channelings throughout several years about how children pick their parents. When my youngest son was born we did not have a name picked out for him. He told my husband his name was Josh. Stacy's daughter told her dad, "I can remember pushing you when you where a little boy." The inner workings of the inner world are based on truth. When you connect with source energy you can access truth. Thank you so much for sharing your story. it's a powerful one.

Grace said...

I loved this article and I am a big believer that we chose our parents. I think if you keep that in mind you don't get hung up on the mishaps that could make one bitter but advance through the thought of lessons learned you'll need down the road or even in the present.
My grand daughter told me once, "Grandma, when I was still with God, I chose you to be my grandmother."
I felt honored and more determined to honor her spirit and teach and listen.