Nov 11, 2011

11-11-11 Today's A Special Day ~ Multi-Dimensional You!

Hello everyone,

We are writing to you as two friends committed to self-improvement and the betterment of the planet and as a loyal follower of our blog. We wanted to let you know about a fascinating new book, going up for sale on Amazon, TODAY - 11.11.11,

Exploring Energetic Evolution
Launch date – 11/11/11
By Elaine Seiler

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL YOU, Exploring Energetic Evolution,
is not your typical self-help personal development book, nor is it a treatise on metaphysics; it is one woman’s personal story of her experience over the past 20 years that culminated in her extraordinary understanding. We are in the midst of an amazing evolution as powerful as when humankind rose out of the ocean and walked on land. Elaine wrote this book to share her story and to guide and support you as you go through a parallel journey.  .

Humanity is going through enormous changes as the vibrations on the planet increase in speed. We are each doing our very best to adapt to the new vibrations and to navigate the changes they have catalyzed.  Despite our best efforts confusion, overwhelm, anxiety, hopelessness and anger abound world-wide.  A roadmap of the changes is needed. We have talked about this in other blog posts and shared our thoughts on 2012.

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MULTI-DIMENSIONAL YOU, Exploring Energetic Evolution, is that map.  It will help shift your focus from the traditional third dimensional perspective to an expanded multi-dimensional one. It will be your guide through the challenges of this transformation to its extraordinary gifts.  Elaine wrote this book in the hope that it will make your journey easier and smoother.

You will learn:

 How humankind is changing energetically.
 What the changes look like.
 What physical tools work in non-physical world.
 time is shifting and affecting all our lives.
 How to recognize and interpret the signs and symbols of the invisible world.
 How to manifest your goals in this more energetic reality.
 How to thrive in this evolving world.

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Excerpts from the book:
“Most of us are dimensionally challenged. We are unable to access the dimensions beyond the third.  Consensus reality’s very limited viewpoint and our severely restricted senses have caused our  intuitive abilities to atrophy, like a unused muscle.  However, we can take off our blinders, put on new eyeglasses, and start to notice the difference in the worlds—the world of physicality - concept, form, time, and polarity and the world of energetics - fluidity, expansion, balance, unity, and is-ness. In that realm, there is no good or bad. No polarity.  What is, just is, and is accepted unequivocally, without strife, judgment or resistance. Acceptance and harmony reign there. Humans are moving into the realm of multi-dimensionality, slowly and haltingly, but surely. Learning to distinguish between three-dimensional and other-dimensional constructs is a precursor and training for the stage that is to come next in our lives.”

“The body, in and through which we breathe, move, communicate and reproduce is an amazing instrument in many varied physical ways. And it’s an equally wondrous vehicle of transformation and change. Subtly, without using the senses of touch, smell, taste or hearing, it can and does balance and harmonize spaces and people. It achieves that harmony by acting as an instrument of change, clearing, cleaning and transforming the energies in and around it.”

“Each new experience was a signal to me that I had shifted from one-dimensional reality to another.
I was an observer and a participant at the same time. I was learning at a deeper level than ever before how energy functions. Not in a flow—faster or slower as a physical river or comfortably to suit my human desires—but as it is, in its own rhythm, clearing and cleaning as it moves, reflecting a wide range of circumstances and trying to balance them as it moved.”

“When this new stage of evolution occurs and the major changes are complete life may look physically very much the same as it does today.  It will, however, feel very different. Humankind will have a far greater ability to collaborate person to person and connect between energetic fields on and off the planet.”

“Perhaps you have prayed, visualized and made positive affirmation statements.  You have read the book or watched the movie, The Secret, and have perhaps practiced its principles. Maybe you have explored your deep-seated unconscious beliefs that might have blocked your goals. Perhaps you have tried everything you know and still your goals have been thwarted. But were you aware of the rules of manifestation in the multi-dimensional world?”

“The multi-dimensional realms contain all the values for which we yearn—harmony, balance, cooperation, trust, concern for others, safety, and wellbeing. In the other dimensions love, not hate, peace, not war, and abundance, not scarcity, are the way. Time and space don’t impede manifestation and so-called synchronicities and miracles are commonplace. We get glimpses of those states in meditation, moments of ecstatic bliss, in a few days of a special group experience and in the blended state. It’s that realm in which we can live if we shift our perception, see and learn from the clues in those dimensions and focus on bringing those values into our reality. Evolution is taking us there. Will you be one of those that help the planet in moving there faster and more gently?
You are not alone on this journey of evolution. Every being, every plant, insect, and animal, as well as the planet herself, are all evolving. Together, we are creating the future.”

“Awakening to the unseen world has changed and enriched my life.
Where confusion, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness abound around me, my dimensional opening has given me an increased feeling of wellbeing, a stronger sense of security and a new level of trust and confidence. Although all may not look right in the world, at a deep level I trust it is right. I hope that the information I share in this book will facilitate a parallel shift for you.”


This is a book you will want to read.  Buy your copy on Amazon TODAY, 11/11/11.  Don’t wait!   During LAUNCH WEEK, every buyer will be given the opportunity to choose from a large variety of bonuses.  Click here to go to the BONUS PAGE to see the large variety of choices. Like a many faceted crystal, each bonus offers a unique glimpse into the world of energy and energetics. Elaine wants you to enjoy the book AND learn all about the energies that swirl in and around you every minute of every day.

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Together, let’s make a difference…

 As, Elaine likes to say, “Have an energetically conscious day,”

Namaste, Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

More information about the Author: Energetics expert Elaine Seiler is at the forefront of explaining humanity's "energetic evolution" and how we can cope and thrive in the face of rapid change. Elaine is a life and career coach, researcher, mother and grandmother. In 1992, after 20 years of work as a career consultant and life coach, she discovered energetics, the study and use of multi-dimensional energies and their interplay with life on earth. Her new book, Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution and Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook: Exercises for Energetic Awakening, will be released 11/11/11. Learn more at and
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