Apr 5, 2012

Music An Expression Of The Soul

Music An Expression Of The Soul

In todays societies, closed minded choices are consistently being made through-out our school systems and communities, where greed rules the outcome of what is on the artistic menu.

There are those that see no value in the arts. children who are exposed to the arts are able to express themselves beyond boundaries and confinements. When music is invoved it expands their consciousness on so many levels. Anything can be enhanced with the involvement of music.

It awakens a vibration from within that helps them to connect with their raw organic feelings from past, present and future. It can portray an essence of who they are and what their needs may be through movement from dancing, audio from singing, alignment from vibration and contentment from stillness.

Open the floodgates and nourish your child's soul with the expression of music.

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Keya said...

So very true. It is amazing how children particularly very young babies really respond to music in any form. You don't have to teach someone to enjoy music and movement. It just is. I agree with you the arts are SOOO very important. My children live in an urban area where the school system is slowing but surly removing the arts from the curriculum and I think it is terrible. We all need to be about to express our inner most selves. Music, singing, dancing chanting can all be very meditative and tools that can be use to connect to the divinity within us all.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Keya, we completely agree with your wise words. We all need to keep the arts in the schools. If that's not possible then we need to share music and creative arts with the kids in our lives. Thank you so much for reading our blog and for sharing your thoughts!