Mar 12, 2013

Inner Power And Inner Beauty Is What Really Matters

Stacy was sitting in a doctors office this past Friday and saw this awesome quote in Parent and Child Magazine. There was no author mentioned so we are just crediting the magazine. It was so perfectly stated we just had to share!

"Balance your communication. There's nothing wrong with admiring your son's strength or your daughter's beauty. But don't forget to be just as enthusiastic about their creativity, kindness or ingenuity. Doing so allows them to know that in their most important relationships (now and in the future), it's their inner power and beauty that will really matter." ~ Parent And Child Magazine


Chris Badgett said...

This is such a good point about honoring inner beauty and qualities. This type of gratitude is important for helping parents a well balanced child.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Hi Chris, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. We really appreciate your feedback. Your right!Helping parents point out a child's inner beauty does help to create a more well balanced child. Especially in today's bombardment of what so called beauty is. We live in a society that is hyper focused on outer beauty. Thanks again for reading our blog and commenting.