May 7, 2013

Teaching Children How To Love Themselves

Have your child stand in front of a mirror and say loving things to him or herself.
For example, you can ask them to say, "I really love my eyes."
"I really love the way I smile." "I love myself!" 

You can stand next to them and say the same things about yourself as you look in the mirror with them demonstrating how to express gratitude for yourself.

Ask your child what they like about themselves.
It may be their smile, the fact that they are nice to their friends or that they pick up their toys, the way they care for a grandparent or a sibling. 

Show them how to appreciate the little and the big things in life. 
Self-esteem is developed through-out their life. By teaching them how to love themselves when they are little you are helping them to build a positive self-image and grow up to be confident and secure.



Anna.decibelsofhope said...

Thank you for this post. I think not only kids will benefit from this exercise, some adults need to constantly remind themselves that they are doing great too...We will be able to teach our kids what we know, our child will then feel more secure of himself if he knows his mom or dad is also secure of herself/herself.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Hello Anna, We agree, adults do need to remind themselves that they are doing great too. Positive self affirmations can be life changing for all ages. :) Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Michael David Lawrience said...

I teach teen girls the Mirror Exercise. They have a lot of resistance as it brings up their discomfort and thoughts about not loving themselves. If done 21 days in a row some of the negative self talk comes to the foreground more and "I love You" begins to penetrate into the subconscious.

Carol it is great to teach young children a fun way to do it.