Jul 11, 2013

Your Worlds Are Merging And Your Children Know It!

I'm currently reading Penney Peirce's newest book Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention. One thing that really resonates with me is her take on how our worlds are merging. Really they've always been merging it's just now humanity is reaching such a point in their spiritual growth that the consciousness to understand this concept more is becoming reality. Children are more open and receptive to the unified fields. They are empathic and intuitive. When they first arrive in their new bodies they are fully awake. As they grow they are exposed to parental and societal beliefs which shift and change their perception. When parents allow children to be more free flowing in their thought processes and do not try and pressure them into believing only what the parent believes they are more likely to continue to share what they know from their unified connection. Don't be alarmed if your child knows things beyond your experience and connection. Your child may speak freely of a passed loved one like they are right there with you now because they actually are or your child may openly share a previous life, or a specific healing message for you. Whether you believe it or not I encourage you to keep your mind open and allow your child to be able to tell you anything. If you can keep the lines of communication open while they are little they will feel safe, unjudged and be able to come to you with their problems as they expand into adulthood. Trust in yourself, in your inner knowing. Listen to your inner feelings, thoughts and guidance. Enjoy the experience of parenting. There's reasons why your child "a spiritual being" has aligned with you in this life experience. Embrace it for all it's worth and enjoy the ride! ~ Carol Lawrence

The following quotes are taken from Penney's new book.

" We're at the "turn" of a flow; involution has turned to immersion, and is now turning to evolution. You are remembering your identity as a soul-as pure consciousness-and-energy-and this is not just for a few people; it's a planetary process. The higher spiritual frequencies are saturating matter, and the inner and outer realities are matching each other in vibration and merging. The more you realize there is no separation between the worlds, the faster your transformation and evolution can be."

"When you perceive the consciousness-and-energy world, you experience openness--there are no boundaries around and between us, others, and things. It is one unified filed of consciousness-and-energy. And as the metaphor goes, we are waves in the sea, never leaving the sea. We are energy beings moving around in a sea of energy, with our physical reality appearing out of the sea and disappearing back into the sea--the sea of the unified field. There are no lines between inner and outer, personal and impersonal, life and death. The physical reality only appears separate because we haven't been able to feel and see the energy-and consciousness inside it."

Visit Red Ice Radio to hear Penney speak about Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention . "Penney Peirce is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, having worked since 1977 with organizations like the San Francisco-based Center for Applied Intuition, The Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution, and The Intuition Network. An author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer, Penney specializes in intuition and "skillful perception," personal energy and frequency training, dreamwork, and future trends. Penney is the author of 6 books. She returns to discuss her latest work, Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention. Penney explains how the Information Age is speeding to a point where life will soon make a leap into the Intuition Age. The resulting reality will function according to different rules and we'll know ourselves as a new kind of human being. She discusses the way in which we feed the current system based on old perception, instead of withdrawing our energy from it in order to bring about the new. In the second hour, Penney discusses ways of using our attention that will become normal in the Intuition Age. We'll also hear about spherical-holographic reality, duality and violence in the intuition age, oscillating consciousness and interpreting dreams."

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