Aug 29, 2013

Book Review: A Beginner's Guide to On-line Security. A workbook for all ages.

"In May of 2013 the Huffington Post reported teens send and receive over one hundred text messages per day. It is said 94% of teenagers are using social media. Finally a tool has been developed to educate our young users of technology in appropriate on-line habits and security best practice. Throughout A Beginners Guide to On-line Security, Wendi Finn explains the following concepts in terms new users of technology can easily understand: • Accessing the Internet • Risks of the Internet • Security Online • E-Mail • Video Chat • Social Networking • Technology in the Classroom
You’ll learn skills that will help you right now and prepare you for a secure future."

We were very excited when Wendi Finn contacted us to review her new guide. We highly recommend this on-line security guide to parents, guardians and teachers. We are living in a different world now. Children are growing up in the technology age. It is everywhere.

A Beginner's Guide to On-line Security Workbook is very detailed and informative on how the online world works. This is a valuable resource to educate the reader and students on not only how it all works but how you, your family and students (if your a teacher) can utilize the gifts of the internet but still be safe using online technology.

"Security Cameras - Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Security cameras are everywhere. It's been said the average person in London is captured on a camera an average of 300 times per day." - A Beginner's Guide to On-line Security

We like how this guide teaches children to take responsibility for what they share online and on their smart devices. They learn this can last a lifetime. This guide teaches them not only how to be safe but how to be smart about their choices.

Each chapter has a one page learning section with a follow question and answer section. This encourages thought, action and discussion about each topic. Perfect for the home learning environment or a classroom.

As parents and grandparents we really appreciate how Wendi Finn added in vital tips to stress the important messages to the children such as this one. "It's important to note that you leave a footprint every time you access the internet. Everything you Google and every page you access is logged and can later be traced. Don't ever do anything on the internet you wouldn't want your mother to know about."

Your children' will love the cute little illustrations done by Kari Shakley. They add just the right touch to A Beginner's Guide to On-line Security.

We are hoping our review prompts parents to take a closer look at their children's technological world and will take the necessary steps to protect, guide and teach them.

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Namaste, Carol and Stacy

Here's some more information about Wendi.

Wendi Finn is the mother of three young boys. Working in the industry of technology security, she understands the risks and threats associated with on-line devices, such as smart phones, tablets and gaming devices.

Wendi obtained her undergraduate degree in accounting from The University of Illinois, Chicago and a Masters in Information Systems from Capitol College.  She is a CPA registered in the State of Ohio and Illinois and a CISA (Certified IS Auditor). Wendi Finn is an alumnus of Ernst & Young with fourteen years of compliance, security and accounting experience.  In 2004 she founded IS Security Solutions, LLC to assist organizations in control consciousness, security awareness and process improvement.  Wendi’s experiences include Performing end-to-end process reviews to identify opportunities for operational and security enhancements, ACL data analysis, Security Assessments for various platforms and databases, security configuration assessments and testing for various systems, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan development, Information Security Policy Development and Review, Physical Security Assessments, and Sarbanes Oxley compliance. 

A Note from the Author
Two years ago I went up to the boys bedroom to find the three of them huddled around the computer. I look over their shoulder and to my shock and horror, they have accessed YouTube©. Prior to this fateful afternoon, the boys had never ventured off the pages I had bookmarked. Without any notes home to the parents, without any education surrounding the risks and threats of the internet, my first grader's music teacher had introduced the class to YouTube©. Here they sat innocently searching for "the milkshake dance."

This was my wake-up call. I work in the security industry, yet hadn't taken the time to educate my young children. I thought it was too soon. I thought I had mitigated the risks by teaching them to access bookmarked pages. That was not enough. The world is full of technology and like it or not, our children are being introduced to the internet, social media and gaming without education and often times, without guidance. While explaining the threats and intricacies associated with technology is not easy, I have come to realize it is important. I hope this workbook will act as a guide for other parents in my situation.