Aug 8, 2013

My How Times Have Changed. The Evolving Role of Conscious Parenting.

We were recently reading articles in the summer issue of Pathways To Family Wellness Magazine. This issue surrounding "The Dad Factor. The Evolving Role of Conscious Parenting" kind of struck us funny and took us down memory lane. 30 years ago our parenting style was on the cutting edge. Stacy's mom thought she was out of her mind for considering home schooling, not to mention living a holistic life style. Years later her mother Sharron came around and apologized to her because she realized the importance of Stacy and her husbands choices and saw the benefits in her granddaughters and our two families lives. We were part of the parenting pioneers through-out the country at that time who were choosing a different path. It was quite unheard of for our generations who were raising children.  We were living holistically long before it was trendy. For instance, we were really good friends with an owner of a natural foods store. We would make our owns salves and grow our own medicinal plants. We had flourishing gardens in the dessert if you can believe that! We feel there's a time and place for western medicine but we mainly choose the natural paths and holistic practices. We have found working with natural paths very rewarding for they are fully knowledgeable at incorporating the mind, body, and spirit connection.

In the magazine they mention 15 years ago this wasn't something you could talk about openly then either. Parents felt they had to hide it. There were families and communities small and large meeting secretly to talk about how to holistically raise their children without being chastised by mainstream society. The mainstream is a lot more accepting of this holistic way of living now. Even doctor OZ supports holistic living. And he's a doctor!

People are reconnecting with the earth again, they are so tired of the GMO's and the toxins in our environment. The pollutants in our oceans. The poison's in our food. People like Jamie Oliver have gone to battle with major food corporations and schools just to see that our kids are getting healthy food. There are healthy restaurants by the thousands that offer organic nutritious food popping up all over the country.  In our small college town alone we've had at least five just in the last year.

There are whole communities set up that take conscious living and conscious parenting to a whole other level than what we could have possibly thought of 20-30 years ago. There's magazines, books, talk shows, videos and colleges teaching classes on it now. Oprah Winfrey helped bring it to the forefront and took the scariness away from it. People started listening. As people's consciousness expanded they liked how it felt. They were craving answers to living a more healthy life and a more sustainable life-style inside and out. We feel our blog has become one of the many, many resources to support parents on conscious parenting path.

It's such a inspiration to see societies acceptance and beliefs surrounding the father's role in parenting. Dad's are way more involved in the parenting process as a whole now. Some father's have the opportunity to be stay-at-home house dads. And they are rocking it!

Home births and water births where the mom and dad are in the pool are more popular than ever. Talking, reading and playing music to babies in the womb (which we did all of these through-out both of our pregnancies.) We knew back then this was vitally important for the health of our children. Babies feel the energy of the parents while they are in the womb so this made total sense to us. Thanks for walking down memory lane with us.

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Namaste, Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

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