Mar 13, 2014

Colors can be used for supporting a purpose, treating disease, balancing dysfunctional Chakras and enhancing your home and life.

As I grab a cup of coffee and sit down to write today I'm drawn to the topic of color and healing. We've touched on the subject of color before but it's prevalent in my mind today so I'm listening to my intuition and exploring it even deeper. Maybe it's because I have an arm sprain that's been needing some attention this past week. Maybe, it's because I'm energetically shifting from Winter to Spring with mother earth. I'm craving to be surrounded by strong brilliant bold colors. Today i'm surrounded by purple. I'm wearing purple and drinking out of a purple coffee cup. Soon very soon I'll be able to fill my flower pots and revel in the visits from the bubble bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Every day the snow is melting more and the birds are returning here to Montana.

The funny thing is when I began to write this post for you today I was drawn to a favorite book of mine that I haven't opened in years. Light Emerging-The Journey Of Personal Healing by Barbara Ann Brennan. I randomly opened it to page 114 and was nearly brought to tears as words and colors popped out at me. Words and colors not just for me but for others in my life. Maybe you'll benefit from them as well. :)

Sound and color are created by vibrational waves, they both have structure and a frequency of vibration. Color is essential for health. We need all the colors in the auric fields, when we are clear, we are automatically attracted to the colors we need.

The next time your child insists on wearing his or her red shirt instead of the blue shirt, it could possibly mean they are needing that particular color that day. 

Colors can be used for supporting a purpose, treating disease, balancing dysfunctional Chakras and enhancing your home and life.

Think about how you can incorporate certain colors to fulfill the needs of you and your children. Does the color of their bedroom walls reflect peace and tranquility or hostility? Do you need to add certain colored flowers to your environment? Do you or your child have a specific ailment that could be reflecting a clogged Chakra? To explore and dive into this subject matter much more deeply I encourage you to read Light Emerging - The Journey Of Personal Healing and Hands of Light - A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Here's a handy color chart for a quick reference:

Red: Increases your connection to the earth. Charges, protects and shields. Good for all organs in the first Chakra area.

Rose: Brings strong love for others. Very healing for heart and lungs.

Orange: Charges sexual energy, enhances immune system. Good for all organs in second Chakra region. 

Yellow: Helps with mental clarity, mind clearing. Great for organs in the third Chakra region.

Green: Healing, balance. Enhances healing all organs in the fourth chakra, especially heart and lungs. If your feeling under the weather, mentally surround yourself with a ball of green light. See all your cells regenerating. Sending loving thoughts to your body and allow the healing to begin.

Blue: Peace. Helps you speak your truth. Good for all organs in the fifth Chakra areas, like the thyroid. If you have an over active thyroid lessen the blue and bump up the green. 

Indigo: Helps any organ in the sixth Chakra. Opens spiritual connection. Purpose. 

White: Reduces pain, protection. spiritual expansion. When you are feeling afraid or worried surround yourself mentally in a ball of white light. You'll not only feel safer you'll be able to better discern if there is a real need for fear due to possible danger or just mental trash causing you to feel fear.

Gold: Higher mind, power. Strengthens any part of the body. Barbara really expresses this is a great color for helping treat cancer.

Silver: Very powerful color used for purging microorganisms, especially used after lavender. Increases frequency. Helps you to move faster and communicate better. Used to cauterize wounds in spiritual surgery

Brown: Grounding, connects you to planet earth. Feeling light headed, having a hard time focusing? Walk barefoot on the earth, hug a tree, pick up a rock, talk to your plants or dig in the dirt. Even if it's the potted plant in the house. 

Black: Neutral, brings peace, great color right before you are ready to manifest something new. Good for healing bones and for dealing with death.

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