Jun 13, 2014

Inside Every Dad Is A Little Boy ~ Happy Fathers Day!

(Randy Lawrence and Ed Toten skipping rocks.)

Happy Father's Day From Intentional Conscious Parenting 

Dad, fathers, pops, pa, step dad. Whatever name you call them they are essential to our families, societies, work force, etc.

We just could not exist without our precious dads. They bring and teach so much to our children and their families. The masculine energy vibrates through out our world in such a precise way whether it be chaos or untainted calmness it is a very welcomed energy.

Remember inside every dad is a little boy.

Baby crying, needs diaper changed, a child falls down and scrapes a knee, knee needs a band-aid, bike has a flat tire, hurt feelings just need a hug. Dad to the rescue! Children carry these memories through-out their lives and thrive on them.

There is no dress rehearsal for dad, no rule books, just perseverance around every corner. They don't stop, their love infiltrates their children's blood streams, atoms, molecules, and DNA. It is a thing of beauty to see in action. There is definitely nothing routine about being a dad. Every day, every hour, every second is different. 

Remember inside every dad is a little boy.

Stacy Toten along with her husband Ed are doctors of Metaphysics. They have been practitioners for over twenty-five years. Happily married for 33 years, together they have two beautiful daughters, 2 cats and 2 dogs.
Stacy is also co-author of Intentional Conscious Parenting and co-editor and a regular contributor to the family and parenting community at All Things Healing. Together they enjoy spending time helping others along their spiritual path and relishing in mother nature. Connect with Stacy and Ed on Twitter!

To begin any examination of your life, you must first ask yourself a simple question. "Who am I?" Thus begins the journey of M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions. The emphasis being on the soul. The goal of this book is for you to realize life as a "Free Thinking Human Being." Through the writing of this book we hope to share in the awakening of those who are so desperately searching for answers in today's ever-changing world. Action is the essential element in the realization of any dream. 

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