Jan 5, 2016

The Year of Abundance! Introducing Easy Breezy Prosperity.

We are very excited to be a part of Emmanuel Dagher's official launch for his new book, Easy Breezy Prosperity. He's giving away many free gifts including our guide: 10 Tips For Parenting Consciously.

When we come across something very special, our parenting audience is the first people we always think about sharing it with. This is one of those times. Learn more about Emmanuel's book and the fantastic gift package he created when you buy his amazing new book, Easy Breezy Prosperity.

After completing this book, all we can say is we are blown away! It enhances our perspective on how to create and enhance prosperity in our own lives.

We absolutely love how Emmanuel gives humanity to the "energy" of prosperity itself, and presents it in a spiritual, yet beautifully grounding way that actually makes shifts happen!

Two of our favorites, Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, have offered their support towards this book, and see the value in what it will do for those who are ready to receive the gifts it has to offer.

Order your book by January 8th, and you’ll receive an amazing free gift package (valued at $2,222) to support you with creating greater prosperity!

Emmanuel practices what he speaks, and has decided to embody the generosity he often shares about. He is offering our audience a chance to win a trip to be his guest of honor at one of his amazing healing events in Los Angeles during the month of February! This trip includes a two-night hotel stay, dinner with Emmanuel, and a healing crystal gift valued at $2,500. And the best thing is, no purchase is necessary!

Enter today!

Namaste, Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

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