Aug 7, 2016

Book Review: Mom's Gone and I'm In Foster Care

Mom's Gone .... And I'm In Foster Care touches on a very disheartening subject in our country. There are a quarter of a million children every year that enter into foster care. Quite honestly before we read this book, we had no idea there were that many displaced children. It was a little bit hard for us to digest. We are grateful to Sylvia for bringing this to our attention. 

Sylvia Santos has written a series of books for children who are going through the process of becoming a foster child. 

Mom's Gone .... And I'm in Foster Care is book one of her series. It takes you through Frey’s journey, and how he finally finds a home where he makes friends, and feels safe, until his mom can return home.

Sylvia's goal is to empower the child so they know that there is always a person to reach out to for help, and that they are never alone and there are also other children going through the same thing as they are. Emotions are real and it's ok to share and talk about them. This is a wonderful book to assist children going through the process, to read and know that they to can find a safe home filled with smiles and love.

Thank you Sylvia for being a voice for the children in the foster care system and for proving a tool that children can read to feel comfort and professionals can utilize in their services. 

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S. T. Santos was born in El Paso, Texas in 1953 to immigrant parents. She lived the first 4 years of her life in Mexico and then came to the U. S. She entered school not knowing how to speak English but because she had "the world's best" teachers, she learned to read, write and speak English rather quickly. She is retired now but was an elementary school teacher for thirty years, where she earned the "Teacher of the Year" award. She also received several Star Awards from the superintendent of the school district. She is now able to cross off one of her goals on her bucket list. She knew she would one day write a book but never imagined that she would write a series. The Foster Heroes Series is about children who find themselves in the foster care system. Their loneliness, sadness and frightened emotions come through vividly in these books. MOM IS GONE....AND NOW I'M IN FOSTER CARE is the first in the series. The second book is titled, MY PARENTS MADE A MISTAKE...AND NOW I'M IN FOSTER CARE. S.T. Santos is now in the process of writing the third book. All of the characters in her books are representations of her very own grandchildren. Santos has 2 grown children, six grandchildren, and is now a great grandmother of baby Angel Agustin, named after her own father. Santos counts her blessings every day and hopes that her books will find their way into the hands of the thousands of children who find themselves in foster care. Their only wish is to have a "forever family" and therefore these books are dedicated to all those scared children. You are not alone. You are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

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