Aug 1, 2016

Interview With Author Caron Goode

In continuation with our author/publisher interviews, we bring you Caron Goode.
Caron has published several successful books including, Raising Intuitive Children and Kids Who See Ghosts.
(This is an interview we did in 2011. We wanted to bring it to the forefront of our blog for all those who may have missed it way back then.) Excellent information for parents and for new writers.

1. Hello Caron, can you begin by telling us about yourself and the books you've written? 
I was completing my doctorate, a lifelong goal, in 1983. The achievement was so meritorious in my mind, that the let-down after the expectation was depressing. My future however was determined for me by three out-of-body experiences in one year, which opened my psychic talents and thrust me into a future as a medical intuitive, spiritual therapist, and healer. The next years were very inspiring and books that I wrote through that period came out in the early 90s. Then the next set of published books started in 2000 and beyond. And I have always been writing since that year - seminars, e-books, poetry, and journals. And I am still creating books for myself and have served as a ghostwriter for 54 projects in 8 years. Can you tell it is a passion?

2. Did you always want to become an author?  I did not grow up thinking that way. I grew up knowing I would be a teacher and help people. Yet I wrote poetry as a junior high student, was encouraged as a creative writer by a high school teacher, won several writing contests in high school, and then shut it down until awakened again in my 30s

3. How did your book Raising Intuitive Children come about? Tara Paterson, my co-author, had several energy-sensitive children, whom I call kids with high intuitive intelligence, far more than intuition. In our talking together, I asked her to share her stories of her children, their talents, and how she raised them. Our desire to help alternative and more mainstream parents manifested in this book, subsequent courses, and coaching for families. Intuitively, we both knew it was the right time. An agent picked it up and found us a publisher in one week. And the book went on to win the USA National Parenting Book Award. Quite a ride following intuition!

4. Did you self-publish or go the traditional publishing route? A traditional publisher published Raising Intuitive Children

How many books do you have published?
Tangible books with covers – around 15. E-books – probably ten more.

5. I really like how in your book Kids Who See Ghosts ~ How to guide them through fear, you talk about the electromagnetic spectrum. I found it very interesting that most humans see a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum and rattlesnakes see the whole infrared spectrum. You have packed a lot of great information and stories into your book. I'm really enjoying reading your book. This is a topic I'm very interested in. What started you in the process of writing this particular book?   

When Raising Intuitive Children was published, the segment of the population of parents and teens who responded on that book’s blog were asking questions about ghosts, psychic gifts, managing a kid's fears, what was real for a child, and what was not real. I spent a year answering every single question and decided a book on the topic would be a better fit than continuing the effort on the blog. A publisher agreed and Kids Who See Ghosts shot up in the Amazon rankings in 2010.

6. Why do you think children with ADHD produce excessive theta waves? 
The research supports the fact that kids labeled with those ADHD symptoms can fluctuate in and out that brain wave state, but not that it is necessarily excessive. Or I would ask excessive by whose definitions?

7. How important do you feel it is for an author to take advantage of social media?
I absolutely do believe that authors must use social media in today’s current market. In fact the use of social media was the reason for Kids Who See Ghosts to hold the top ranking in three of Amazon’s categories.

8. Have you used social media to build your online presence and promote your books?  YES

9. What advice would you give a new author who has just completed their first book as they begin their journey into the publishing world? 

  • Treat your book like a business with a business plan and budget.
  • Go for a traditional publisher if you want credibility for your expertise and resume. Otherwise, do not be off by the naysayers who put self-publishing down. Self-publishing is a viable, valuable option.
  • Get help from the experts and do not go it alone. It is lonely by oneself and a lot more fun with others.
  • Plan a thorough book launch and have a book or marketing coach like you guide them through the steps.
  • Do not proclaim your intention to make no money in book sales, that the book is just for artistic satisfaction. Such an intention closes the door on a lot of people who might like to buy it.

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2010 - International Best Seller - Kids Who See Ghosts, guide them through fear - 
2009 - Raising Intuitive Children, 2009 Best Parenting Book in US News Awards