Feb 6, 2017

When to Use a Doctor; When to Trust Yourself

Podcast 21-When to Use a Doctor; When to Trust Yourself By Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)

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In this podcast, she covers:
02:28   What is Discernment
11:30   Have The Knowledge
16:40   Own The Remedies
21:15   Know What You’re Looking For
26:17   Diagnosis
31:10   Selecting The Right Doctor
42:03   Finding the Good Doctors

We know the study of homeopathy can be daunting.

If you’ve been bewildered and struggling with ear infections, fevers, sleepless kids, teething issues or stomach aches, and you want to keep your family off meds, please know this:

As our friend Joette Calabrese HMC,CCH,RSHom(Na)says;  Your lack of success is NOT because you haven’t been reading, querying friends or searching the Net.  It is because there is so much erroneous info out there.  

And homeopathy books are great, but why study for 20 years?
Joette has put together a great 2-CD set where she teaches how to use Cell Salts. 12 remedies, that’s all.

Here is a link to learn more.

We've used homeopathics for years, that's why we feel it's important to share with you ways to supplement allopathic medicine. Thanks for stopping by!
Namaste, Carol and Stacy 

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