Apr 5, 2017

Apollo the Misguided Missile Children's Book Review

Apollo the Misguided Missile radiates a very potent and timely message. This book is for children ages 3 to 7. 

In this day an age when bullying is part of our society, almost every child is somehow touched by it. 

This children's book is a great tool to add to your parenting toolbox to teach your child about non-violent communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, being able to use their voice and how to speak up for themselves. Vital skills all children need to learn and witness being demonstrated. What better way for them to absorb the information than through a book!?

This book perfectly demonstrates there are a time and place to listen to children. Take time to listen and feel. Sometimes it's the child that has the answers you are seeking.

To carry on the conversations about how your child feels about the story, there are 12 follow up questions to be utilized in the back of the book.

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Review by Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten
Intentional Conscious Parenting

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From boyhood, George Wilkins has held a strong and unrelenting passion for writing. In addition to a long and successful career in publishing, he was always creating stories for his four children. He delighted in sharing his stories with them and experiencing their response to his tales. Wilkins' stories are always crafted to include key ideas or life lessons for kids. A prolific writer of children's tales and verse, Apollo the Misguided Missile is his first published book. Wilkins is a resident of Colorado, where he also publishes a local weekly magazine, Snippetz. Read more about George Wilkins at gwwilkins.com 

* WINNER, Story Monsters Recommends -- Books Worth Devouring Seal!
* WINNER, Mom's Choice Awards for Excellence Gold Medal!


Meleakua said...

This sounds like a great book! Thanks so much- I tweeted as @aphasia32

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Thank you Meleakua for participating. The winner will be announced in our FB group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IntentionalConsciousParenting/
Love your profile on Twitter!

Unknown said...

I'd love to read this to my kids,it sounds out of this world!!!

Unknown said...

Shared on Facebook. Thank you for the chance.