Sep 25, 2017

5 Holistic Remedies to Help Your Child Fight Off the Common Cold

All parents have been there: your child could be running around the house one minute and within the blink of an eye, they are in bed with a cold. Childhood colds are common, with the average child catching between six and 10 of these pesky illnesses a year; and it is no secret that they can be a hassle for any parent to take care of.

Usually, there is no cure for the common cold. Any doctor will tell you that they need to just run their course and the only way you can make your child feel better is to try to alleviate some of their symptoms. But what if, for whatever reason, you don't want to -- or are hesitant to -- give your child standard medications? There are some great, holistic medicinal alternatives to try out, and while we do not advocate these remedies as alternatives for visiting the doctor, they may be able to help your child feel better.

Using a humidifier

All your child may need is a humidifier in their room to relieve their dry and stuffy nasal passages. Just make sure to use cold water, and a little tip is to get it started before bedtime so their room will be nice and cool by the time they go to bed.

Using honey to soothe

Honey is a great natural remedy for soothing sore throats. If your child has been coughing and hacking away all night, a cup of non-caffeinated tea with a few squirts of honey will work to coat their throat and prevent them from getting too hoarse.

Pushing fluids

In addition to the honey, pushing fluids on your child is one of the easiest ways for them to flush toxins out of their system. Liquids like water, caffeine-free tea, and chicken broth are all our favorites.

Freezing Jell-O

Jello is a great food for when your child is nauseous and can't keep anything down. Freezing it is also great, as it will help soothe their throat and the cold will calm down any itchiness or inflammation.

Gargling salt water

Salt has a lot of antimicrobial properties, and it can work wonders on children with post nasal drip and sore throats. If you don't want them to use a cough drop, simply mix about a fourth of a tablespoon of salt into a cup of warm water for your child to gargle with once a day.

These five easy, holistic tips and tricks can work wonders for your child -- and you -- when they're sick. Have any additional holistic ideas that help your family fight off the common cold? We'd love for you to share!

Kelsey R. is a writer and an avid world traveler. When she's not writing or listening to 80s music, you can find her exploring different countries, taking selfies with her dog Lady, and in constant search for the perfect brownie recipe.

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