Oct 21, 2017

The fish who nearly drowned in his search for water, Children's Book Review

The fish who nearly drowned in his search for water 

By Andrew Newman

Illustrated by Marcelle Marais 

We start with an easy breathing meditation....Snuggle Breathing....
4 simple sentences that send you on your way to enjoying the fish who nearly drowned in his search for water. A great lesson for us all young and old. We search and search, high and low and then low and behold it has been there in us and around us all the time "LOVE".

It appears we have blinders on in life and then POOF, they sometimes Magically disappear and what you have been seeking all along is by your side and inside and on top of us all. 

For we are never without out love. You just need to acknowledge it, smell it, feed it, seek it and breath it! 

The illustrator does a superb job at following this fish on his journey, you can really understand his pain, joy, happiness, and gratitude. The expressions just fly off the pages! 

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