Oct 23, 2017

Children's Book Review: The Dad Who Didn't Know

The Dad Who Didn't Know By Andrew Newman
Illustrated By Adam Carnegie

This delightful children's book comes with an easy breathing snuggle breathing meditation. Four simple sentences that set the tone for each of these books in this series. Your children will come from a whole different space and time after the breathing exercise they choose to repeat out loud, then they go on an emotional ride seeing a perception from a dads point of view of how he doesn't know everything and keeps being too hard on himself. Soon he realizes truly what it means to have a family and how we all teach each other on very different levels.

This is a wonderful thing to occur, so natural, so raw!

So very, very perfect! We were not meant to know everything. Don't forget to take a sail on the seas of knowledge at the end of the book. 

The illustrator nails it with the eye candy pictures. 

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