Sep 13, 2019

My Five Newest Items For Health And Wellness

1. Bone Broth - I recently became a huge fan of bone broth while doing research on what could help my husband with managing his M.S. and increasing his over all nutrition. We've tried several and even made some ourselves. I personally haven't been the biggest fan of bone broth until I discovered these two brands. LanoLife grass fed broth and Beyond Broth! I love that they both come in handy pouches that can easily be added to hot water. Perfect for on the go or to take on a trip. Beyond Broth is an Organic Vegan broth and super delicious!

2. Cold Pressed Vitamin D Capsules - Living in the Northwest we don't get nearly the amount of sun required to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels so we must eat a balanced diet and supplement. Not all supplements are created equal. I particularly like that these vitamin E capsules are made with coconut oil, are non GMO and gluten free.

3. CBD Hemp Oil - I wear many hats. Grandma, wife, blogger, author, mom, women biz owner and customer relations manager for Sunshine Marketplace. Over the past three years I've been immersed in the hemp, health and wellness business. I've also been taking it regularly. Wow, what a difference it has made. I'm not achy anymore, I sleep at night and my plantar fascitis foot pain is gone. I'm not saying CBD is a cure all but it has definitely became a regular part of my health and wellness routine. No matter who you order from be sure its a reputable company. Unfortunately there are too many companies putting out products that don't even have CBD in them, misleading and confusing the public.

CBD from hemp means that it's non-psychoactive, meaning you will not get high from taking our CBD products. Simply, healing without the high. Come on over and give us a try. Use my code Carol10 to save 10% off your order. (Save coupon code, it never expires.)

4. Evening In Missoula Tea - My most favorite hot tea to sip on while listening to a book on Audible.
It's full of robust flavors. An exotic, aromatic blend of chamomile, rose hips, raspberry leaf, star anise and other herbs and spices.

5. The Daily Green drink from our local smoothie bar Green Source has become my hubby and I's go to breakfast favorite. Adding more greens to our diet has definitely helped increase our energy. By adding it as a drink it's easier to absorb and digest faster. Love the taste. We actually crave it now. Sorry peeps this one is for Missoulians since it's only available for the locals. However, if you love handcrafted jewelry you will want to check out Esoteric Elements created by the fab Leigh Caroppoli. Her jewelry is for sale at Green Source and online at her Etsy Store.

I've told you some of my newest favorite health goodies, now tell me yours. What have you recently added to your diet or health and wellness plan?

Carol Lawrence is co-author of Intentional Conscious Parenting, 10 Ways To Parent Consciously, An active grandmother, devoted wife and busy business owner.

Disclaimer: There are links added to this post that might result in a small commission. All health advice is just that, advice. Simply sharing what has worked for me. If you are starting a new health regimen you may want to contact your doctor.

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