Sep 13, 2019

Creative Expression While Being A Parent

In our parenting book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously we touch on many aspects of parenting including creative expression.

Don't lose yourself during the parenting process.

It's important to still feed your soul along with feeding your child's soul.

Continue to express yourself through crafts, sports, reading, music or exercise.

Whatever your hobbies are, don't put them on hold for eighteen years.

Incorporate them into your parenting life. Take time to hang out with your friends.

Host a family fun game night.

This is something parents and children can do together.

We hear all the time from parents who feel that they are not artistic or creative.

Creativity comes through us in many forms.

You many be a great gardener, or your dad may be a fantastic mechanic.

Maybe grandma likes to put together flower arrangements or moms out there that may be interior decorators.

That's a creative outlet.

Creativity doesn't always mean paint brushes, scissors, glue or knitting needles, etc.

Everyone is creative in one way or another. 😉

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