Sep 11, 2019

The girl with waterfall eyes children's book review

A Fantasy Children's Book About Pure Love!

Sometimes we hit bumps in the road but the earth keeps spinning, the universe keeps changing, tomorrow comes and we find our balance again.

There is a beautiful, healthy, emotional activity at the end of the book called Kaleidoscope Eyes that Andrew Newman does so eloquently, as he has with his entire conscious stories series.
We highly recommend this activity with your child to show them how to discover how to grow connection within themselves and others.

~ Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence 

Conscious Bedtime Stories are a collection of stories with wise and lovable characters who teach core life values to your children. Each of the 12 Conscious Bedtime Story Club books invites its readers to engage in mindfulness practices, beginning with Snuggle Breathing, which helps parents and children alike to share an experience of relaxation, presence and connection to each other and to the story. Each story ends with reflective activities and exercises to help children assimilate the lessons the stories have presented. Because the last 20 minutes of each day are precious, these books use this important time to help children and parents grow consciously together in mind, body and spirit. The entire series is available on Amazon.

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