Jan 21, 2020

Let's Talk About Nutrition

Since we were little children we've all heard that the importance of eating a healthy diet and proper nutrition. 

We can speak from experience, what you eat and put into your body matters.

We  recommend taking the time to learn about eating healthy, how certain foods affect you physically and emotionally.

Food can come with nutrition or toxins, depending on if it is organic, processed, live, etc, so choose wisely. 

We believe moderation is the key to everything.

Back when our children were infants, something changed in us individually and as friends. 

We could feel something was lacking. 

This is when we started our mind expanding nutritional journey.

We began to devour nutritional information through reading, personal stories, through trainers and through owners of our local health food store with whom we became personal friends.

We were known for sitting hours at a time at the health food stores and the local library doing research. 

We even went as far as to go back to college together. 

We took classes on horticulture to learn about organic gardening and water aerobics for fun and exercise.

We learned how to make our own herb butters which was a huge success in both our families. 

Along with the delicious recipes we learned a plethora of information.

As a family it was also a great experience to grow our own food, dig in the dirt with our husbands and plant the seeds with our children. 

We made a real connection within ourselves; we were becoming one with mother earth. 

The balancing benefits we received from this were noticeable to all of us.

We discovered the difference in how we felt when we pulled and ate a carrot right out of the garden vs. buying a carrot from the store that probably was picked a week or two earlier.

We were very cognizant of the energy that lives within the food. 

Our intuitive receptors were very sharp, tuned in and aware of the difference. 

It didn't matter if it was the carrot, the lettuce or the snap peas; it was all the same enhanced energy. 

What about you? 

How important do you feel it is to teach your children how to eat with purpose? 

How important is it to teach them about the different between live food vs processed food with no life energy?

P.S. Our herb butter recipe is included in our ebook! 

10 Tips for Parenting Consciously is a total delight! While reading Stacy and Carol’s insights, I was reminded of the kaleidoscope of opportunity and potential I experience as a parent every day. I specifically loved the nourishing heart, mind, body, and soul tools they shared. These tools included food and natural medicine recipes, affirmations, meditations, blessings, deep breathing exercises and so much more. So make sure you sit down, cozy up, and read this book! It’s a wonderful resource and compassionate parenting companion.
~ Alexandra Folz, MSN, Intuitive Readings & Counseling, Author of The Heirloom

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