Feb 8, 2023

Reason With Your Children When They Are In A Calm State


When children are angry, emotional, or having a meltdown, they're not in the best state of mind to be able to understand a teaching lesson. Sometimes they barely hear you in their unhinged state.

Stay calm, and try not to personalize your child's behavior. We know this isn't always easy. 😟 But as you try your hardest to stay present with yourself and your child, you'll be in a better state of mind to help alleviate any emotional outbursts from yourself that will aggravate the situation.

By managing your emotional state and staying calm you will be in a more aware state of mind as you guide your child lovingly through their outburst.

Don't try and reason with your children when they are emotional. They are unable to take in new information in their current emotional state. Wait until they are calm and feel safe, then talk about their previous outburst/experience.

Parenting can be tricky and we never get it all right so making small changes and increasing our awareness while staying present makes a world of difference in the little lives we are touching. 

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Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children,

Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

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