May 10, 2023

May's Intentional Conscious Parenting Energetic Tip

Mays energetic parenting tip

Energetic Parenting Tip Alert 🌟

🌸 As parents, we have the power to create a positive and flowing energetic environment for our children. 

Here's a simple tip to help you do just that:🌞 

Start your day with a positive affirmation and encourage your children to do the same. 

This sets the tone for the day and helps to create a happy and uplifting atmosphere.

🌺 Remember, the energy we put out into the world is contagious. By being conscious of our own energy, we can influence the energy around us and create a harmonious and joyful environment for our families.

🌻 Let's spread positivity and love today and every day! 

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Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children, 
Carol and Stacy

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