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Oct 2, 2012

Teaching children how to use color for healing, protection and balancing.

One of the best tools a parent or caregiver can teach a child is how to safely and proactively set up energetic boundaries with color. Everything is energy. We all have an energetic body and run on different frequencies. There are numerous resources on the web about the energy body, chakras, frequency and using light for healing. To keep it simple we are just going to focus on the main techniques to teach children how to create healthy energetic boundaries using color for health, happiness and protection.

As your child moves through her daily activities. He will come across situations and people who may resonate at a different frequency. This can feel uncomfortable and unsettling. Sometimes your child may feel unwell and need some added assistance rejuvenating and healing his body. When schedules get over piled and activities accelerated, becoming unbalanced is inevitable. Here are a few color techniques to show your children to help them stay balanced, healthy and safe energetically.

Have your child sit or stand and close their eyes.