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Oct 26, 2011

Compromise And Compassion Lead To Connection And Peace. ~ Maureen Simon

"The world holds enough unnecessary conflict today. Compromise and compassion lead to connection and peace. When we learn to think before we take action or react, we create a more thoughtful, meaningful response than otherwise. When we begin to consider issues without competition and status, we allow the space to explore fully, communicate, and develop the true outcome or best direction in which to proceed. When we encourage people to be involved and participate in discussions and decisions, we build increased agreement. Sometimes there can be a creative tension when we work to achieve what we want, for we value maintaining a given relationship. But those who have developed sense of how to keep harmony and peace learn the skills to respect their own needs while they honor the needs of others."  Maureen Simon

Awakening The Essential Feminine ~ Claiming Your Influential Power 
By Maureen Simon

For Women Who Know That Their Feminine Gifts Are Needed Now...And For Women Who Want To Know More!

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