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Feb 9, 2010

Check out these awesome children's books!

Our friend Debby Carman is an amazing artist. She not only writes her own children's books she illustrates them also. She is a Laguna Beach California artist, author, and cartoonist. She is noted for the most beautiful hand crafted porcelain hand crafted dog and cat bowls and treat jars. We hope you will check out her awesome kids books and amazing art!

Faux Paw Productions Presents:

I'm Gronk and I'm Green
An affable but easily distracted little dog who places fun in
front of obeying the rules. A story of conflict and consequences.
Little things that can turn you green, and it's a silly thing for a dog to be green!

Chewdalootie, Doing my duty.
This spunky little dog shows us that pet ownership involves
more than just love. With it comes responsibility
and commitment or the consequences can result in some
rather chewed up situations.