Sep 9, 2010

Stacy's Top Ten Reasons Why "Awesomism" Is A Vital, Indispensable Groundbreaking Book!

"Awesomism! A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism" by Suzy Miller is so right on, bold, fresh in approach, valuable and needed at this time!

1. The most upbeat and positive book on Autism out there! 

2. This book is filled with astonishing and miraculous insightful information.

3. Awesomism touches upon utilizing siblings, they probably have a step up on you. Don't underestimate your other children. Siblings have a unique connection to each other. You can learn from this.

4. I feel this should be an urgent required read.  It teaches you to make the shift from shame to empowerment. 

5. Empowers you and feeds you knowledge about the pharmaceutical companies and doctors so you can make an informative comforting choice.

6. Autistic children operate at a much higher vibrational level than the rest of us all. 

7. Suzy Miller views the gift of Autism as the ability to feel connected to everything.

8. Awesomism is a life transforming book for anybody associated with Autism.

9. Suzy does a great job giving examples of how Autistic people mirror a refection of the world.

10. Explores ways to detach from a negative judgement of Autism which in turn will increase yours and your child's comfort level.

You are provided with a list of resources and encouragement to explore within your own comfort zone.

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Written by: Stacy Toten


Unknown said...

Hi from your latest follower. Just dropping via Friday BLog hops. Really glad I found your blog. Thank you for posting this. Will have to check it out. I have 2 boys who have been diognosed with ASD. Another great book I have read in relation to this was Please come by and check out my blog
Hope you have a wonderful Friday.

Betsy ( said...

I know a few people with children with autisim. I'll send this along to them.

Sassy said...

Carol and stacy, very informative post. I am so glad to have come across it and will be sure to pass along. Thank you.