Mar 21, 2011

Make The Voices In My Head Stop! By: Yvonne Perry

Make the Voices in My Head Stop!
By Yvonne Perry

Recently, I have heard several parents and a teacher tell about children who hear voices in their heads. The adult’s responses range from being worried about the kids having a mental/emotional disturbance to accepting  the child as being psychic and/or clairaudient. I’d like to share those stories as case studies to show how these voices can be eliminated or turned down.

Generally speaking, when a child hears voices or sees ghosts, it is usually an indication that he has wandered into the ghost world  rather than the ghost actually seeking the child out to taunt him or her. If a child is trying to escape a situation for whatever reason, he may dissociate from present reality and wander into the realm where souls live who have not crossed over after departing from the body. Once a child has tapped into this realm, it is easy to continue to do so even without intending to. It is especially important for empathic children (and adults) to recognize their own vibrational resonance, but many are not able to discern what their own energy feels like enough to know when it has roamed into foreign territory or when their own energy field is being violated. 

In one case study, a child told his teacher that the voices in his head come and go throughout the day but won’t stay away permanently.  When the voices begin screaming, the boy holds his hands over his ears and cries, “The voices! The voices!” His mother told the teacher that this started happening when the boy was two years old.  The voices frighten the child but he says he can only make them go away temporarily in his “thinking” (telepathically) not his words. He has described to his mother people who have passed (that he didn’t know prior). One of these is the child’s grandpa (who is deceased) and he tells him to fight the voices. While I’m sure grandpa with his ghostly advice is well meaning, fighting is a form of resistance and will only serve to make the voices worse. By the way, I’m sensing that the grandpa has not crossed over because he feels a need to protect the grandson. The grandpa may be projecting his own fear onto the boy. And, the boy says that he was sent here to protect his mother.  

Whatever we think about comes about. The universe will allow us to experience or attract more of whatever we focus our energy and attention upon. In this case study, once the voices started harassing this boy, he reacted with fear, which gives the entities the energy they need to continue their  activity. Once the boy turned his attention to the voices, he expected them to continue bothering him—and they are happy to comply. Thus, he attracts more of the same. Obviously, this child is in tune with the other side and not just because he is in their territory. He is indeed psychic, and he needs to know how to turn off the voices. He has innocently been serving as a punching bag and laughing stock for ghosts and as a surrogate for his deceased grandpa’s fear, in addition to feeling responsible for his mother’s well-being. Such a huge emotional burden for a young child! 

All children can be taught to stand in their personal spiritual power to protect themselves from this kind of ghostly nuisance. This is best done by inviting higher vibrating energy such as the Holy Spirit, angels, archangels, and ascended masters  into their auric field. Part of the problem here is a lack of education. Unfortunately, most parents teachers, school counselors, and therapists are not trained to deal with psychic children who see ghosts or hear voices. The children of today are psychic like no other generation prior, and we have a responsibility to help them manage their intuitive gifts.

As adults, we can’t afford to stand by ignorantly and do nothing while these kids suffer. A child who is taught from a very early age to listen to their internal and higher vibrational guidance and establish a spiritual practice can avoid being bombarded by the negative chatter of the collective consciousness of Earth—that cluttered, confusing field of detrimental energy coming from the chaos of the thoughts and emotions generated by souls (in body and disembodied) on this planet. By recognizing their own divine guidance, kids can immediately know when they are in contact with a voice of one who does not have their best interest at heart. The best thing you can teach a psychic child is that he is more powerful than any earthbound spirit and that ghosts have to adhere to any boundary we set with them. The great news is that all entities can be blocked or removed. However, if we believe that we or our clearing methods are powerless, we will attract the ghost right back to us. This is the law of attraction at work and as you can see, it applies to kids exactly the same way as it does adults. Consistently maintaining energetic boundaries and listening for the kind and loving intuitive voice within us will cause a shift in focus and bring about a pleasant change. No one deserves to have ghostly voices screaming in their heads. As with anything else, you can say no! Teach your children to do the same.

In a book that I wrote with Dr. Caron Goode, we discuss how to clear and protect your personal auric field and establish healthy boundaries with entities. While the book is written for energy-sensitive adults, the exercises can be done by any child who needs help shutting off the negative voices in his head. Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom From the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You , is a guidebook for empathic people who have been unknowingly carrying energetic burdens that belong to someone else. It will help readers learn to sense their own energy and let go of the bits and pieces of psychic clutter that does not belong to them. 
Learn more at .

Thank you for reading our blog and supporting the inner light of the children.
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Grace said...

I just recently learned that my daughter heard voices all the time while living in this one farmhouse. She turned the voices off but now is coming back into opening her self up so she can help her daughter. I hate that she didn't feel she could talk to me and let me know what was going on but glad she is opening the door for my grand daughter.

Sassy said...

You have been awarded the stylish blogger award. Let me know if you accept by commenting on my blog.:)

And by the way....I'm coming back this evening to read this post. Seems interesting.

Leigh Harris said...

Hi Yvonne,

Great insight, but I disagree on two points, and would love your response to them.

First, you say this is actually the child wandering into the spirit world, vs spirits visiting the child. It is my understanding that the child is more open to the spirit world, not that they actually go (wander) anywhere.

Second, you mention, "Once the boy turned his attention to the voices, he expected them to continue bothering him—and they are happy to comply. Thus, he attracts more of the same." I believe that it is more the energy of his resistance which attracts them, not his expectation that they bother him.

You are correct, parents need to be more aware of these situations, as more children display psychic awareness. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments, Leigh. Children have lax or thin and energetic boundaries (so do some adults) and they tend to easily dissociate when something is bothering them. This is when he might wander into the realm of earth-bound spirits.
Earth-bound spirits are always around us, but most people don't see them. However, from what I'm hearing as I talk about the topic is that many people have experienced this but they do not talk about it—like Graces' daughter. Once someone else mentions their experience, it sort of opens the door and makes it "safe" for others to talk about this topic that has been taboo—especially in religious circles—for so long.
Yes, whatever we focus our attention on, attracts more of the same. My book talks about being non-resistant in order to curb the amount of psychic information we pick up.