Mar 8, 2011

The Self-Aware Parent ~ Review And Giveaway

The Self-Aware Parent 19 Lessons For Growing With Your Children
By: Cathy Cassani Adams, LCSW, PCI Certified Parent Coach

In The Self Aware Parent  By Cathy Cassani Adams, provides a compelling view of becoming a new mother. She gives you a glimpse of her parenting occurrences through her personal looking glass. 

Cathy shares her heartfelt moments as she discusses her personal parenting discoveries, triumphs and tragedies. Giving herself time to grieve for her old life so she could fully move into her new parenting role, the importance of self-care and the identity crisis from going from a professional career to being a mom are just a few of the insightful personal experiences she profoundly shares.

The Self Aware Parent is full of remarkable insights on how to help your children work through their emotions while including reminders how by staying present in your parenting moments you will able to savor the experiences.

Cathy provides a beautifully illuminating example on how not to take your child's behavior personally. See how Cathy looks for teachable moments and is able to reach her children at their personal level. The Self Aware Parent is a powerful reminder how you as parents can play a powerful role in helping your children find the joy in learning so they are motivated to find their passions and become life long learners and creators.

Cathy Cassani Adams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, A PCI Certified Parent Coach, a certified elementary school teacher and a yoga instructor.

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Written by: Carol Lawrence


Father Time said...

Wow! This is awesome stuff!
Keep up the good work!
Many Blessings!

Dawn said...

An intresting read with much heart felt.

Its been awhile sense I stopped by your blog so I thought Id pop by.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Thanks for visiting.