Mar 10, 2011

NO EXCUSES! How what you say can get in your way children's picture book review and giveaway

From the New York Times best-selling authors Dr. Wayne W. Dyer with Kristina Tracy

No Excuses! How what you say can get in your way is one of the first books of its kind in the children's book world that teaches kids how to stop making excuses and follow their dreams.

Sometimes comments made by family, peers and acquaintances can innocently become an excuse and can create a conclusion in child's mind. No Excuses! provides the answer on how to look to where excuses come from. "Themselves".

No Excuses shows the child how they can spot an excuse, take a good look at how it was created and what they can do to make their excuse powerless. 

Throw away the excuse and your limitless!

Dr. Wayne Dyer is world famous for teaching life changing spiritual tools. Kristina Tracy has co-authored several children's spiritual picture books.
Illustrated by Stacy Heller Budnick

Review By: Stacy Toten And Carol Lawrence

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