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May 13, 2011

Colors And Numbers ~ Your personal guide to positive vibrations in daily life review.

Colors And Numbers ~ Your Personal Guide to Positive Vibrations in Daily Life by Louise L. Hay can be used as a personal daily life guide to calculate your day, month and universal years.

The study of numbers is ancient and repected. the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras has been considered by many to be the father of numerology and had a deep belief that numbers are a key componant of the universe. 

Colors and Numbers ~ Your personal guide to positive vibrations in daily life can be used to guide you to pick your vibratory colors, stones and illuminating daily affirmations.

If numerology is your interest, hobby or passion. This is the book for you.

Review by: Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

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Mar 20, 2011

Thank You, Angels! Children's Book Review & Giveaway

We were tagged in a literacy meme by Grace over at Going Going Gone Green

It is a great meme because it supports literacy. If you read books then you may be tagged next.
Here are the rules for the Meme:
1. Take a picture of the books you are reading currently and add them to your post.
2. Describe the books and if you are enjoying them.
3. For every book you are reading, you have to tag one person.
4. Leave the person a comment letting them know you tagged them.
We just finished reading 
this awesome children's 
picture book for a review.

Thank You, Angels! By: Doreen Virtue, PH.D. With Kristina Tracy
Illustrated By Patricia Keeler

Thank You, Angels! Is a brilliant book to be used as a stepping stone for building a child's foundation on how to engage in a relationship with their angels.

The illuminated examples of everyday readily available angels vividly shows children how all they have to do is just ask for their angels and they are there. It teaches them how to easily look, listen and feel for angel signs.

On the last page Doreen and Tracy ask the children, " What is the only thing angels want in return?"
Do you know what it is?
It is just three little eloquent powerful words!  

Review by Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

We are tagging Leigh Harris author of Metaphysical Mom (And Dad) and passing this meme onto her.

Join us for our live chat with Cathy Cassani Adams Tuesday April 12 for a chance to win a copy of Thank You, Angels! 

Mar 10, 2011

NO EXCUSES! How what you say can get in your way children's picture book review and giveaway

From the New York Times best-selling authors Dr. Wayne W. Dyer with Kristina Tracy

No Excuses! How what you say can get in your way is one of the first books of its kind in the children's book world that teaches kids how to stop making excuses and follow their dreams.

Sometimes comments made by family, peers and acquaintances can innocently become an excuse and can create a conclusion in child's mind. No Excuses! provides the answer on how to look to where excuses come from. "Themselves".

No Excuses shows the child how they can spot an excuse, take a good look at how it was created and what they can do to make their excuse powerless. 

Throw away the excuse and your limitless!

Dr. Wayne Dyer is world famous for teaching life changing spiritual tools. Kristina Tracy has co-authored several children's spiritual picture books.
Illustrated by Stacy Heller Budnick

Review By: Stacy Toten And Carol Lawrence

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Feb 22, 2011

I Think, I Am Children's Book Review And Giveaway!

By The New York Times Best-Selling Authors 
Louise L. Hay And Kristina Tracy
Illustrated By Manuela Schwarz

I Think, I Am is a great teaching book for parents to read to their children.
I Think, I Am is filled with beautifully illustrated simplistic examples that children experience in day to day life. I Think, I Am teaches children that they can create their life by their thoughts by understanding how mighty their words and thoughts really are. 

Parents, help empower your children by showing them that there are choices in everything they think about. In every situation they have the opportunity to look at it from a positive or negative point of view.

Here's just a few of the dynamic situations covered in this beautiful children's picture book.
  • Gratitude
  • How to change your thoughts about the situation you are in.
  • Peer pressure ~ Standing up for yourself
  • Being helpful
  • Self forgiveness ~ Learning from mistakes, not being attached to the past.
  • Taking care of the planet.
  • Expressing creativity

Af-fir-ma-tion "Words that you think or say and believe to be true." ~ Louise Hay

Handy affirmation tips included in back of book.

Win a copy of I Think, I Am
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Review By Stacy Toten And Carol Lawrence

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~ Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children ~

Feb 5, 2011

You With The Stars In Your Eyes..A little girl's glimpse at Cosmic Consciousness Review

You with the stars in your eyes ~ A Little Girl's Glimpse At Cosmic Consciousness By Deepak Chopra

With the help of the moon, In all her glory she comes down and takes a stroll on the beach with Tara and her grandfather.

You with the stars in your eyes provides a brilliant way to look at life and how everything we see is our own self in a different form. 

Deepak Chopra's first children's picture book is a one of a kind that teaches the interconnectedness and oneness of us all.

You with the stars in your eyes is a must have for any conscious parenting library. 

Dave Zaboski a former animator for Disney illustrates an original stunning masterpiece.

A copy of You with the stars in your eyes will be given away during our live chat Thursday night.

Previous review & giveaway of Deepak Chopra & Kristina Tracy's newest children's book On My To A Happy Life?

Jan 25, 2011

On My Way To A Happy Life Children's Book Review & Give Away!

New York Times best selling authors Deepak Chopra and Kristina Tracy have written the most deliberate well rounded children's book.

On My Way To A Happy Life incorporates 7 simple timeless lessons that teach children how to create a happy and joyful life. Positive lessons spill off every colorful page. The intricate illustrations tell their own stories. 

On My Way To A Happy Life empowers children to create who they want to be, introducing universal laws in the simplest of ways. 

Perfect for the conscious parent who wants to instill confidence, life long universal tools, the art of giving and receiving, the importance of choices and the power of acceptance. 

This is the perfect little children's book for inspiring kids to create a happy life and start to formulate a solid foundation.

~Perfect for all ages: Starting from in the womb through 100~

Win a copy of On My Way To A 
Happy Life. Leave a comment why you would like to win this book or share your favorite book by Deepak Chopra or Kristina Tracy. For extra chances to win follow us ICP on Facebook, follow Hay House on Facebook.

Written By: Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

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