Apr 26, 2012


Dolphin Reiki

What is dolphin reiki? How is it shared from you to another? And can anyone perform dolphin reiki? The word reiki, pronounced ray-kee, comes from the Japanese word rei, meaning a higher power, and ki, meaning life force energy. With dolphin reiki, the dolphins are the higher power. Life force energy comes directly from the dolphins. This energy is then administered by a laying on of hands to a specific area, either right above or directly on the area needing healing. Fully clothed, with the exception of shoes, the person may want to lie on a massage table, or sit in a chair, or the practitioner can send dolphin reiki across the waves to someone in need. Just the thought of asking dolphin, by saying, “Dolphin I wish for you to be present with this person during this time,” is enough to move the dolphin reiki nearer to them. When dolphin reiki is administered, it feels like a joyful, playful, peaceful, loving energy as dolphin energy flows through and around. Dolphin reiki assists in healing the whole person including body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Many have reported miraculous healings. A session may last thirty minutes or an hour. I have had sessions as short as fifteen minutes, while others lasted one and a half hours. How many times will it take before feeling dolphin reiki work? Many have miraculous healings instantly, others need a few sessions. Dolphins are master healers. Much like our angels of the sea, they know exactly where we hurt in our body, mind, spirit, and emotions and eagerly assist on our path to healing. Can anybody administer dolphin reiki? Yes! If you are connected to the dolphin energy that resides in all of us which is love, then you can share dolphin reiki. Dolphin reiki is pure love energy. The essence of who we are as individuals is love energy and it is natural and innate for all of us to want to assist ourselves or another human being when in need. When you get a headache or stub your toe, what is the first thing you do? You touch the area. It is our natural reflex to heal, to love that which is in need. Dolphins very much want to assist us in our everyday lives of healing ourselves and earth in times of need. They very much wish joy for us in our everyday living. If you wish to become a practitioner sharing dolphin reiki, many states require a practitioner certificate from a dolphin reiki/energy practitioner.

Dolphin breath plays a role in dolphin reiki too. Much like dolphins use their blow- holes, a dolphin reiki practitioner can use breath as source energy, in addition to hand placement, or blown directly on the area to be healed. The practitioner may ask you to use your own breath. Breathing in through your nose, feel the dolphins clearing, healing the desired area, then blow your breath out slowly through your mouth. Dolphin reiki breath can be used any time for your- self when you just want to refresh, recharge, or relax. You can use it anywhere or on anything you want to bring more life force energy to by just taking three deep ascending breaths in through the nose and blowing out gently through your mouth.

Dolphin reiki is not limited to our bodies. It can be shared with plants, animals, food, water, and our earth. If you wish to share dolphin reiki with the earth, place a photograph of earth in your hands, nearby, or in your mind’s eye and send love to earth. Imagine the world if everyone stopped for one minute each day to give our earth dolphin reiki?
Dolphins have always been present for our planet and for us in many healing ways. It is their intrinsic desire to share themselves with us, their joy, abundance, compassion, understanding, and love. Enjoy dolphin reiki and play, have fun like the dolphins. Be, live.

Originally printed by Diane Buccheri, publisher of Dolphin Magazine

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