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Jun 12, 2012

Conscious Conception By Kathy Parra

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Can we hear our children before birth? Many wonder whether it is possible to hear there unborn child before actual conception, the answer is yes we can and do hear our children before conception, before we conceive we can feel their physical presence, perhaps in the subtle wind, the smell of a flower, images come forth in your minds eye, perhaps a fleeting moment of a child’s name, a dream, or the passing of a loved one, perhaps an angelic intercession with spirit guides, fairies, totem animals, receiving messages as to when to conceive, the date, time and month to act upon conceiving, often the child will let us know what to eat, what music to listen to, what books to read, the list is abundant of the communication that children clearly share with us prior to conception. Now some might say this is our own sixth sense kicking in, yes it is, because it is normal, natural and innate for us as parents to hear from our souls connection to and from to that which brings forth this life. This is true too whether you are wishing to adopt a child as well, this child’s soul knows where it is to be.
All of this is done so with our conscious conception of the idea/thought that yes we can connect with our unborn child.  Just for a moment imagine the mere thought of this magnificence, take a split second in time and wonder what if every child were to be conceived in this way, what if each child were of conscious conception, how many times have you come across someone sharing the child was a surprise or an accident. A surprise is something you obtain when you don’t know what your receiving, and an accident is something that happens when it is unexpected, lack of intention or by chance, none of which seem to describe the coming of new life. I promise you I am here to do no harm or offend anyone, I am merely sharing/suggesting that we as a universal whole perhaps consider the idea of bringing forth new life in this way of conscious conception. How do we create a sacred place for him/her to evolve into form? Having experienced this with all my children these are a few things that ensued for me, and I am sure for you as you explore conscious conception.
First, Listen: Listen to your own intuition

Jun 5, 2012

An interview with children's author Kathy Parra.

After reviewing Kathy Parra's new children's book, Love Is The Color Of A Rainbow. We knew we had to interview Kathy and share her with all of you. You are going to love her. She's down to earth and speaks from her heart.
Kathy Parra, or Kap, by her nickname, loves gardening, talking with nature, especially with dolphins, vegan cooking and baking, bike riding, and skipping for joy where she lives in Mesa, Arizona with her partner Tony and their 3 girls.

Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: What made you pick a blind child for your main character? Do you have experience working with the blind?

Kathy Parra: When I was in sixth grade the teacher asked if anyone wanted to assist with the special needs students, I raised my hand and said, “Pick me!” I was paired up with many children but one in particular who we will call Willow, Willow explained to me that she had been blind since birth, each day I went in there to assist her with her Braille reading, which I might add she so wanted me to learn, but I never did. She would sit flitting her tiny fingers over the bumps in the thin translucent paper at rapid speed and I would pencil scratch my stories just at furiously, one day she asked me “what are you writing?” I told her I like to write stories about nature, she asked me to read them to her, she would delight in my story making and I would delight in her listening, we spent many a lunch hour eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as I read my nature stories.
One day out of the blue Willow took out her pear from her lunch bag, and said “I wish I knew what my pear looked like” “Kathy” she asked “what does a pear look like?” I started with well it’s green on the outside; she said, “what does green look like?” I knew then and there I was to take her in nature to share what the pear looked like, so I took her under a beautiful mulberry tree on the schoolyard as she stood under the tree I took her hand and let her feel the green leaves I said these are leaves and they are green and it is the same color as the outside of the pear, she said oh it is smooth-warm, then I ran her hand over the branch to which would be the sense of the stem of the pear, I said this is the stem and it is a brownish green, oh she said this too feels smooth yet strong, yes-yes! I was excited that she was associating the feel-sense of what I was sharing in a feeling sense, putting feelings to the colors, then I took her to the sand box and ran her fingers through the sand, I said the inside of the pear, it a soft white color yet as you bite into the pear there is just a bit of grit, she ran her fingers through the sand, then taking a bite of pear, she said oh it feels like life, like it has energy, when I feel the sand and then bite the pear I feel life-energy! Needless to say Willow quickly began to associate most everything in her daily life with a feeling for a color, she even made up her own colors! Willow often told me I was like a lot of colors put together, saying that all those colors were love. In that short amount of time that we spent together I was grateful for her friendship and she for mine, I think we both knew it was transient and as they say a reason- season or a lifetime. I had never had “experience” with blind children, but since then as an adult have assisted with Special Olympics only one other time.

Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Do you have any children and were they an inspiration for your book?
Kathy Parra: Yes, I have three children - all girls! And they are 21-17 and 13. Yes, they were an inspiration to and for me and continue to be so; they have been my greatest teachers! I am honored and blessed to be in the presence of such wisdom! Namaste!

Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: How long did it take you to write Love is the Color of a Rainbow?
Kathy Parra: Well, the actual writing of Rainbow only took me 30 minutes, but the journey to publish it took 10 years, perhaps more if you count from sixth grade. Ha…

Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Any advice for other children's authors?
Kathy Parra: Have fun, if you have something you are passionate about share it-be it-love it-nurture it-nourish it and allow it to bloom as it wishes, don’t try too hard or force the book to bloom, it will all blossom when the flower is ready to “be”…
Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Are you writing another children's book anytime soon?
Kathy Parra: YES! I have dozens in the works. Many are already written, but as far as soon in publishing, one never knows, but yes for sure another children’s book, a few in particular, but I am allowing them to bloom and blossom as they wish to. I am currently enjoying sharing Rainbow and I really want to soak it all in, relish in the journey. I also want to start a Sensory Garden based on the book, intention has been put forth, seed planted and is “being” watered and nourished, waiting for the seed to emerge until blossom. I am also working on another book for all children of the world whether new to the earth or have been with the earth for many moons, it is titled One Love, surrounding the aspects of dolphins/whales and their presence in and of healing to and for us all! A short synopsis will be shared on on May 16th, 2012.
Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Have you always wanted to write a children's book? Has this been a life long dream of yours?

May 25, 2012

CALL of the DOLPHINS~One woman's healing journey with the dolphins.

Original version was published by OCEAN Magazine, in which Diane Buccheri is the publisher and also the publisher of Love Is The Color Of A Rainbow. Dolphins are like a best friend in which they will always be there for you no matter what! ~ Kathy Parra

by Kathy Parra
I sat in solitude for several months asking why. I did not share my pain with anyone. 
One night while lying in bed my body felt light. Light illuminated from the corner of my eye, a sense of complete peace came over my mind, body, and soul and I drifted off to sleep. That night I dreamed of dolphins. I considered it a lovely dream, and left it at that. That next day I went to see my hairdresser friend. He sensed my imminent concern yet, “Hey, what’s up with you? You look different.” I sat there and started to pour my heart out to him just like all people do with their hairdressers.

Approaching thirty, I, like many other mothers, so very much wanted to start my family, but somewhere something was not right with my body. I, like some women, could not conceive. I went to my physician and he ran a series of tests, which concluded I had endometriosis. “What is that?” I inquired. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus, the endometrial stroma and glands which should only be located inside the uterus, is found elsewhere in the body. 
“So what does that mean?” I asked him, “And how do we cure it?” 
“There is no cure and most likely you will not be able to bear children because of the severity.” 
I was taken aback and said I would like to get another opinion, and so I did. The second physician said the same thing. I could not stop there. I went to a third physician who said, “You know you really need to think about not having children. It is never going to happen for you Kathy. For some people it is just not in their cards.” 
“That’s absurd Kathy, of course you will have children,” my hairdresser responded. “Look here at this article. People are healing today from all kinds of alternative healing methods. I just read about people swimming with dolphins in the Florida Keys to receive healing.” 
My first thought was my dream. “I dreamed of dolphins last night.” 

May 16, 2012

Kathy Parra ~ One Love! The Call of the Dolphins and Whales, inviting all of you to dive in and join in One Love.

Here is a short synopsis of Kathy Parra's upcoming book One Love, surrounding the aspects of dolphins/whales and their presence of healing for us all! Content was given to Kathy by dolphins. 

Kathy is co-creating her new book with Diane Buccheri of OCEAN Magazine.

Fascination. Mesmerizing. Captivating. Healing angels of the sea. Joy. Pleasure. Love. All of these words come to mind when we hear dolphin and whale.

Dolphins and whales have sourced us with harmonious energy for centuries. Dolphins and whales alike touch each of us on many levels in some way, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The soul, the core, of our essence has received their image. Our cell memory retains dolphin and whale within each of us as One Love.

Love is the energy of life. Love is the energy of spirit.

We all know this to be the way of truth. Dolphins and whales are asking many of us to come forth with our love and share from our own dolphin or whale within. Share with the masses in communal initiation as we move through the transformation of what lies in our soul, our core, that which is and always has been, one love.

Dolphins and whales continue to guide our lives in bravura through a tangible source, a book titled ONE LOVE.

Apr 26, 2012


Dolphin Reiki

What is dolphin reiki? How is it shared from you to another? And can anyone perform dolphin reiki? The word reiki, pronounced ray-kee, comes from the Japanese word rei, meaning a higher power, and ki, meaning life force energy. With dolphin reiki, the dolphins are the higher power. Life force energy comes directly from the dolphins. This energy is then administered by a laying on of hands to a specific area, either right above or directly on the area needing healing. Fully clothed, with the exception of shoes, the person may want to lie on a massage table, or sit in a chair, or the practitioner can send dolphin reiki across the waves to someone in need. Just the thought of asking dolphin, by saying, “Dolphin I wish for you to be present with this person during this time,” is enough to move the dolphin reiki nearer to them. When dolphin reiki is administered, it feels like a joyful, playful, peaceful, loving energy as dolphin energy flows through and around. Dolphin reiki assists in healing the whole person including body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Many have reported miraculous healings. A session may last thirty minutes or an hour. I have had sessions as short as fifteen minutes, while others lasted one and a half hours. How many times will it take before feeling dolphin reiki work? Many have miraculous healings instantly, others need a few sessions. Dolphins are master healers. Much like our angels of the sea, they know exactly where we hurt in our body, mind, spirit, and emotions and eagerly assist on our path to healing. Can anybody administer dolphin reiki? Yes! If you are connected to the dolphin energy that resides in all of us which is love, then you can share dolphin reiki. Dolphin reiki is pure love energy. The essence of who we are as individuals is love energy and it is natural and innate for all of us to want to assist ourselves or another human being when in need. When you get a headache or stub your toe, what is the first thing you do? You touch the area. It is our natural reflex to heal, to love that which is in need. Dolphins very much want to assist us in our everyday lives of healing ourselves and earth in times of need. They very much wish joy for us in our everyday living. If you wish to become a practitioner sharing dolphin reiki, many states require a practitioner certificate from a dolphin reiki/energy practitioner.

Apr 21, 2012

Review: Love is the Color of a Rainbow By Kathy Parra

Love is the Color of a Rainbow By Kathy Parra
Illustrated by Candace Keach

Love is the Color of a Rainbow is the perfect book to teach your children how to see, touch, feel and smell the world.

This book will entice the children to use their imagination. Love is the Color of a Rainbow is very explicit in it's descriptions, you can almost taste the little vine ripe tomato on your tongue or feel the little snail crawling across your hand.

It's always a thrill to us when an author teaches the children how to connect with nature and the importance of mother earth.

Candace Keach's illustrations go hand in hand with the book. It's a perfect match.

Love is the Color of a Rainbow is an echo friendly book. A portion of the proceeds support nature and environmental organizations.

Author Kathy Parra, or Kap, by her nickname, loves gardening, talking with nature, especially with dolphins, vegan cooking and baking, bike riding, and skipping for joy where she lives in Mesa, Arizona with her partner Tony and their 3 girls Ariana, Chenoa, And Asha.

Find out more about Kathy.
Review by Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten