May 25, 2012

CALL of the DOLPHINS~One woman's healing journey with the dolphins.

Original version was published by OCEAN Magazine, in which Diane Buccheri is the publisher and also the publisher of Love Is The Color Of A Rainbow. Dolphins are like a best friend in which they will always be there for you no matter what! ~ Kathy Parra

by Kathy Parra
I sat in solitude for several months asking why. I did not share my pain with anyone. 
One night while lying in bed my body felt light. Light illuminated from the corner of my eye, a sense of complete peace came over my mind, body, and soul and I drifted off to sleep. That night I dreamed of dolphins. I considered it a lovely dream, and left it at that. That next day I went to see my hairdresser friend. He sensed my imminent concern yet, “Hey, what’s up with you? You look different.” I sat there and started to pour my heart out to him just like all people do with their hairdressers.

Approaching thirty, I, like many other mothers, so very much wanted to start my family, but somewhere something was not right with my body. I, like some women, could not conceive. I went to my physician and he ran a series of tests, which concluded I had endometriosis. “What is that?” I inquired. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus, the endometrial stroma and glands which should only be located inside the uterus, is found elsewhere in the body. 
“So what does that mean?” I asked him, “And how do we cure it?” 
“There is no cure and most likely you will not be able to bear children because of the severity.” 
I was taken aback and said I would like to get another opinion, and so I did. The second physician said the same thing. I could not stop there. I went to a third physician who said, “You know you really need to think about not having children. It is never going to happen for you Kathy. For some people it is just not in their cards.” 
“That’s absurd Kathy, of course you will have children,” my hairdresser responded. “Look here at this article. People are healing today from all kinds of alternative healing methods. I just read about people swimming with dolphins in the Florida Keys to receive healing.” 
My first thought was my dream. “I dreamed of dolphins last night.” 

The dream was more of a Shamanic journey in which I was taken into the sea where I shape-shifted. I became dolphin and in that I became a healer of sorts as a dolphin. When I returned to human form I saw thousands of dolphins surrounding me, thousands. It was as if they were trying to tell me something? I could not translate the language. It felt very primal/ancient . . . drums were drumming . . . dolphins chanting . . . a healing was taking place on me, with me. I felt light, peaceful, translucent like light was streaming through me.
“The dolphins are calling you. You’ve got to swim with them,” he said.
I had no money; I had never been to Florida, and dolphins healing? Hmmm . . . I thought to myself, why not swim with dolphins? But I had so much fear, fear of getting in the water with them, fear of what would actually happen. What if I did receive healing? What would that feel like? How would the dolphins do the healing? I had so many apprehensions.
I presented the idea to my husband. He was silent for most of the day. Then he called me from work and said, “The dolphins are calling you.” 
“I took the money out of the savings and you are going to swim with the dolphins.” 
And so it was I traveled across the country from Arizona to Florida. There, I was greeted by staff members, the hustle and bustle of others who had come for healing of various conditions, from physical concerns such as cancerous tumors to emotional healings due to personal loss, divorce, a loved one’s death, or just wanting to know about a new direction in their life during this five day stay with three dolphin swims in the wild. I had so much fear of doing this. What was I thinking? Sure I wanted to have healing. Sure I wanted to have children. At the time it seemed so surreal.
The first day out, I watched others getting in the water with the dolphins and it appeared calm, playful, and somewhat inviting. I did not get in but sat on the side and admired the dolphins from a distance. A few days later during another swim at the same facility, others in our group encouraged me to enter the water. I entered the murky water slowly and looked under the surface with my snorkel and –– a dolphin jetted toward me! Right for my stomach, clicking furiously! And then quickly turned sharply away. I jumped out of the water and the staff said, “Dolphins do that if they perceive there is an area of the body that needs healing.”
The last day there and the last swim at a different facility where the Atlantic Ocean connects to the facility providing dolphin and human with an ocean experience, I was not feeling any more confident about this adventure and sat again on the side watching, even crying, and thought about all the money I spent getting here and why was I here anyway? I was angry with myself, angry at life. Why did you even bring me here dolphins? Then it happened as I sat on the edge of the dock. A dolphin came near and cocked its head and smiled. I politely smiled back. 
I heard a voice? 
“Who is that?” 
“It’s the dolphins calling.” I heard, “Go ahead, get in.” 
Maybe now I’m going crazy. I can hear dolphins. I replied. 
“No, it’s okay. I’m fine right here.”
“You are safe and you are protected,” dolphin said. Slowly, gently, I edged off the dock into the salty water and treaded lightly, and just as slowly and gently a female and a male dolphin came into my path. They began an underwater symphony mating ritual that was a divine ballad of nature. It was if they were saying to me, “This is how you do it, Kathy.” Then with one swimming to the front of me and the other to my back, in an instant they leapt from the water showering me with golden water drops of illuminating light. 
My body began to tingle, their sonar vibrated my spinal cord, my solar plexus felt like a portal of light was being streamed into it. I closed my eyes for an instant and reopened them, dolphin both male and female calmly swimming around me. I felt no fear, no pain, and no pressure in any part of my body. A fleeting thought –– am I healed? Is this healing? The voice of dolphin returned, “Yes. You are my beloved and you will never be the same again.” 
I asked the others if they had seen or witnessed this experience. “No, but I am sure the dolphins did in fact heal you,” one woman said. “That is what they do. Is that not why you came here, for healing?” Then another said the same and then everyone began sharing their experience with the dolphins and how the dolphins had healed them, without even actually the immediate awareness, but more the awareness that they as well as I had come to a place of complete healing. Those who had tumors no longer had them. Those with emotional disruption in their lives felt peace. And I felt a calm like never before and I knew without a doubt that yes, I would conceive and give birth to children.
It was if we were all brought to a higher consciousness together for not only a personal healing, also for a transformation of planetary healing.
The next day, returning home, my husband greeted me at the airport offering a single rose, “Our lives are never going to be the same, are they?” 
“No, it is not only never going to be the same, but it is going to be even better than we could ever imagine.”
Six months later we heard from our first-born and today my husband and I are the parents of three girls. Yes, three, one child for each physician who gave doubt to what miracle lie beyond the horizon. 
It has been nearly nineteen years since my physical healing with dolphins, but as they continue to share their infinite spirit of love with you, the planet, and me it feels like it is something that is innate, and natural to receive their healing energy. 

Dolphins continue to speak to me and heal me, my family, and the planet in ways that go beyond the horizon. As it is not necessary to be in their physical presence, all we need to do is ask for dolphin healing and their miracle to each of us is unconditional healing love.

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