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Jun 12, 2012

Conscious Conception By Kathy Parra

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Can we hear our children before birth? Many wonder whether it is possible to hear there unborn child before actual conception, the answer is yes we can and do hear our children before conception, before we conceive we can feel their physical presence, perhaps in the subtle wind, the smell of a flower, images come forth in your minds eye, perhaps a fleeting moment of a child’s name, a dream, or the passing of a loved one, perhaps an angelic intercession with spirit guides, fairies, totem animals, receiving messages as to when to conceive, the date, time and month to act upon conceiving, often the child will let us know what to eat, what music to listen to, what books to read, the list is abundant of the communication that children clearly share with us prior to conception. Now some might say this is our own sixth sense kicking in, yes it is, because it is normal, natural and innate for us as parents to hear from our souls connection to and from to that which brings forth this life. This is true too whether you are wishing to adopt a child as well, this child’s soul knows where it is to be.
All of this is done so with our conscious conception of the idea/thought that yes we can connect with our unborn child.  Just for a moment imagine the mere thought of this magnificence, take a split second in time and wonder what if every child were to be conceived in this way, what if each child were of conscious conception, how many times have you come across someone sharing the child was a surprise or an accident. A surprise is something you obtain when you don’t know what your receiving, and an accident is something that happens when it is unexpected, lack of intention or by chance, none of which seem to describe the coming of new life. I promise you I am here to do no harm or offend anyone, I am merely sharing/suggesting that we as a universal whole perhaps consider the idea of bringing forth new life in this way of conscious conception. How do we create a sacred place for him/her to evolve into form? Having experienced this with all my children these are a few things that ensued for me, and I am sure for you as you explore conscious conception.
First, Listen: Listen to your own intuition