Jun 12, 2012

Conscious Conception By Kathy Parra

Photo courtesy of http://www.johannas-art.com

Can we hear our children before birth? Many wonder whether it is possible to hear there unborn child before actual conception, the answer is yes we can and do hear our children before conception, before we conceive we can feel their physical presence, perhaps in the subtle wind, the smell of a flower, images come forth in your minds eye, perhaps a fleeting moment of a child’s name, a dream, or the passing of a loved one, perhaps an angelic intercession with spirit guides, fairies, totem animals, receiving messages as to when to conceive, the date, time and month to act upon conceiving, often the child will let us know what to eat, what music to listen to, what books to read, the list is abundant of the communication that children clearly share with us prior to conception. Now some might say this is our own sixth sense kicking in, yes it is, because it is normal, natural and innate for us as parents to hear from our souls connection to and from to that which brings forth this life. This is true too whether you are wishing to adopt a child as well, this child’s soul knows where it is to be.
All of this is done so with our conscious conception of the idea/thought that yes we can connect with our unborn child.  Just for a moment imagine the mere thought of this magnificence, take a split second in time and wonder what if every child were to be conceived in this way, what if each child were of conscious conception, how many times have you come across someone sharing the child was a surprise or an accident. A surprise is something you obtain when you don’t know what your receiving, and an accident is something that happens when it is unexpected, lack of intention or by chance, none of which seem to describe the coming of new life. I promise you I am here to do no harm or offend anyone, I am merely sharing/suggesting that we as a universal whole perhaps consider the idea of bringing forth new life in this way of conscious conception. How do we create a sacred place for him/her to evolve into form? Having experienced this with all my children these are a few things that ensued for me, and I am sure for you as you explore conscious conception.
First, Listen: Listen to your own intuition
and listen to the ethers. You may hear from their/your angels, guides, fairies, animal spirit/totems, passed on loved ones. You may see sparkles of light, notice messages gone unnoticed before; you may pick up certain items in a store with natural instinct without even noticing why. And yes you may actually in-fact most likely hear directly from your child, one thing is for sure you are not just imagining theses things and your unborn child is communicating with you. There has been little discussion as to connecting with children before conception much of the discussion lies in the connection once conception has occurred. But no matter, listen! At this time on planet earth there are many souls coming in that are incarnating to restructure, and reenergize the planet with what our own DNA already knows and exist to all that which is “love” children know this first-hand, thus they come to re-mind, re-wind and conceivably re-teach us.
Second, Accept: accept this to be a part of the process, a journey to unfold in such wonderment and beauty. Hold this thought close to you at all times and know this to be true and accept that you are hearing from your child. Talk to your unborn child at any chance you feel guided. Know that the dreams, images, of all your senses are being guided to that soul which is calling you.
Third, Allow: Allow yourself whatever comes forth for you, no matter what emotion, conscious or unconscious awareness, physical comfort/discomfort, just allow it all to be okay with and within you. Surrender – Let go and allow..
Now, as I bow in humble gratitude to all that which is love I offer the intimacy of my own conscious conception with life before life.
My oldest shared her voice with me while swimming with the dolphins, you see I had been told by three physicians that I would be unable to conceive children, so after a series of synchronistic events that lead me to swim with the dolphins, while swimming with two dolphins one male and one female, began a mating ritual as if to say “this is how it’s done” as the male swam in front and the female swam behind they both shot up out of the water showering me with white light that penetrated every fiber of my being, it felt as though I had been baptized in holy communion, as I came out of the water the female dolphin made complete eye contact, the message was “your life will now never be the same”, as I came off the flight into Phoenix my husband greeted me with a single rose and a tear ran down my face, he said to me  “ our life will never be the same” the same message the dolphins had given me, six months later that summer we heard our first born very clearly say the time was now, so on a sunny morning in southern California we with a sacred contract and union she was conceived. (When she was two she shared her past life of having been one of the children my mother had lost before my own birth, thus an incarnate soul.)
Our second child connected with me at an amusement park (before my own enlightenment of theme parks) where there was a rescued beluga whale, the trainers said no one was allowed back there but during the tour I walked over to where the beluga was it quickly swam up to me with it’s ever knowing eyes, the beluga began to have a tear run down it’s cheek and I began to cry, at first I didn’t understand the emotion I was feeling, it was if I knew this creature of the sea, suddenly we began to communicate clairvoyantly, she assured me you do know me and I am to with you soon, I knew she was to be one  of my children incarnated, she told me listen, I will be the child of peaceful healing. Thus listening, accepting and allowing
One evening our oldest child shared that she soon was to have a little sister, at this point we had not heard from her, that evening while we were going to bed we saw a large light coming from my oldest bedroom and when I walked in she had her white deer skin with an amethyst crystal on her stomach and said “ Mama do you see them? Three angels are here to bring my baby sister”, the light was so bright I could hardly see, we heard the voice of our second within a few days of the angels visit and that morning our oldest gave me a hug and touched my stomach and said “ she’s here!” she was my greatest coach during labor as she shared in the coming of her little sisters birth. When she was born she too remembered, as when she viewed photos of beluga whales, she would began to cry and say “me” I said “I know”, (as she communicated clairvoyant for nearly over 3 years, so for her to speak was amazing, as it is often very common for Crystal children to not commune until a much older age),
Our third child called herself into life but I knew this was a different pregnancy, she shared she was two people so I thought I was having twins, as time went on it was shared she would not be with me long, that her purpose for coming was for another reason, it was for a healing, at the time I could not seem to articulate what this soul wanted to communicate with me. So I listened, and allowed, but not yet ready to accept all that I was hearing from this soul. I realized she was here to heal my wounds with my own mother who I had not had contact with for over 10 years, I gave a pain free birth at 14 weeks, her arms were crossed over her heart, she was born with no leg limbs, but there was a light that emanated from her like I had not seen before, her spirit said “you must reconnect with your mother, she will not be here in this form for much longer.”  “Peace and forgiveness is a must”. A month later a translucent light green fairy appeared over my left shoulder saying you will give birth to a little girl again and it is to be the incarnate of this child. Four months later we heard our fourth child, her name Asha that she chose and it’s meaning is “Life.” at age 7 she said to me “Mama you know why I run so fast? I replied, “Because you are getting so big,” “No it’s because I’m two people”, I said, “two people?” She said, “yes I am the baby before me and I’m me, that makes two people.” She knew this soul before her as I did. (And yes I did reconnect with my mother before her passing and was blessed to have a two-year relationship with her on this physical plane, and continue to commune with her from the ethers)
So it is to be in this way that each child shared their times of conception, their names, dates and times of birth, what foods they wanted, what stories, their likes and dislikes, everything was like a well drawn map to a journey of divine conscious conception.
It is my thought and hope that each of us treasure all unborn children as a conscious awareness wished-for gift, I can tell you my experience is not really out of the ordinary but now know there are many who have these experiences and I can I assure you the gifts your child beholds for you, themselves and our planet is beyond magical. I invite you to conceive to the conception of “conscious conception” Namaste.
- Kathy Parra