May 16, 2012

Kathy Parra ~ One Love! The Call of the Dolphins and Whales, inviting all of you to dive in and join in One Love.

Here is a short synopsis of Kathy Parra's upcoming book One Love, surrounding the aspects of dolphins/whales and their presence of healing for us all! Content was given to Kathy by dolphins. 

Kathy is co-creating her new book with Diane Buccheri of OCEAN Magazine.

Fascination. Mesmerizing. Captivating. Healing angels of the sea. Joy. Pleasure. Love. All of these words come to mind when we hear dolphin and whale.

Dolphins and whales have sourced us with harmonious energy for centuries. Dolphins and whales alike touch each of us on many levels in some way, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The soul, the core, of our essence has received their image. Our cell memory retains dolphin and whale within each of us as One Love.

Love is the energy of life. Love is the energy of spirit.

We all know this to be the way of truth. Dolphins and whales are asking many of us to come forth with our love and share from our own dolphin or whale within. Share with the masses in communal initiation as we move through the transformation of what lies in our soul, our core, that which is and always has been, one love.

Dolphins and whales continue to guide our lives in bravura through a tangible source, a book titled ONE LOVE.

ONE LOVE encircles dolphin and whale on a universal level like never before. Time is now for dolphin and whale love to encompass our earth bodies as we move forward to pivotal transformation of mind, body, and soul. The invitation is yours as dolphin calls us into the dolphin pod of love, where dolphin, earth, and we join whales and become one. Through ONE LOVE you will discover once again the altitudes of dolphins and whales in this earthly plane of dimensions and in the ethereal dimensions. You will embrace dolphin-whale-human interaction and bonding, in essence, healing. Through these pages, dolphin and whale communication transpires.

This is the Call of the Dolphins and Whales, inviting all of you to dive in and join in One Love.

Kathy Parra
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This is one book we can't wait to read! Thank you Kathy and Diane for sharing a preview with us. ~ Carol and Stacy

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