Aug 31, 2017

Simple ways to show your children they matter!

1. Tell your children and show them they are loved. 
2. Say "I love you" a lot!
3. Give numerous hugs. Your children are never too old to hug and tell them you love them.
4. Create an environment that invites everyone to feel free to express themselves.

Case and point. Both my boys are older, 30 and 26, they are not mushy kind of guys, but because we have freely given hugs and said "I love you" to them as they have grown up they freely respond in the same way. At first, when new people arrive in our lives they are sometimes amazed at how freely my sons respond in this way but over time they too allow themselves to express who they are more freely by saying I love you and giving hugs.

5. Write out special little note cards that can be hidden in strategic places. On these note cards write something special such as:
*Thanks for being you! *Thanks for doing the dishes last night (or for something else they did)
*You are so special to me! You do such a great job feeding Fido.
*You make the world brighter by being in it!
*Have a great day!
*Sweet Dreams, sleep good tonight and you'll wake up refreshed and ready for tomorrow.

You can place your encouraging notes under a pillow, in their favorite book next to their bed, in a lunch box. If your kids are older. Stick a note on the dash of their car, tuck it in the visor, place it in a backpack. Get creative, think about the best place to surprise them with an inspirational message from you.

6. Write a special message on their mirror in their room or on the bathroom mirror. Make sure you use an erasable or dry erase marker. I like to write affirmations in present tense so no matter who's reading them it has a more personable impact. Some of my favorites are:
* I am healthy, wealthy and wise
* I am a visionary
* I'm going to have an awesome day!
*I shine my light brightly upon the world
*Opportunity and Ideas come easily and effortlessly to me.

You can personalize the messages. Maybe your child is an aspiring writer or dancer.
* I am a Best Selling Author!
* I am an amazing dancer and I share my gifts with the world.

Get creative!

What are ways you show your kids they are special????
Please share your ideas with us.
Written by: Carol Lawrence

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