Jun 12, 2022

Book Review - Inspired Mama The Empowered Mother's Guide To An Intentional Life

Inspired Mama book review

Out of all the parenting books, we have read and all of the book reviews we have written this one is at the top of our list of being a favorite.

Sez Kristiansen's exquisite choice of vocabulary she chooses to use and her explanations of her conscious awareness versus habit or predictability are on another playing field. It is of no surprise that she is an acclaimed poetess.

Sez goes through every emotion just like we do as parents, the highs and the lows. You feel like you are living it with her as she tells you of her experiences in a raw and honest way. You can laugh, cry, go crazy, and be filled with intensity and excitement. Her tenderness and passion are endless.

If you would like a new take on trying to be a free-spirited authentic woman/mother/wife while trying to work full time all the while manifesting how to raise your vibration to live the most authentic and genuine life while being true to yourself, this would definitely be a must-read for you!

Inspired Mama The Empowered Mother's Guide To An Intentional Life is available in paperback, Kindle and audio. 

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Stacy and Carol

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Sez Kristiansen

Sez is an award-winning poet, meditation guide, and best-selling author living in the Nordics.

Sez is the founder and creator of the phenomenal healing podcast, The Spoken Remedy; a space that offers short audio stories, poetry, and meditations that will connect you to the deeper nature within.

Listen to the words of your own healing Heart through her soul-nourishing videos and beautifully crafted audios on Instagram.

Freedom is the highest vibrational element that every woman must embody in order to live an extraordinary life; but today, it seems harder than ever to embody freedom as a mother. Inspired Mama will teach you how to free your mind, body, and spirit in order to live an authentic lifestyle tailor-made for the amazing woman you are.



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