Sep 26, 2022

Intentional Conscious Parenting September Energetic Tip

September's Intentional Conscious Parenting Energetic Tip! 

Happy Fall! 🍁🍂 

Nature's Bounty Is All Around Us. 🥕 

Show Your Children How They Too Can Create A Connection With Mother Earth, Her Seasons, and Rhythms. 🌎

We live on a living planet that is going through its own changes. As things accelerate, being intuned to the planet, and evolving with her instead of working against her can bring more connection, peace, and adaptability. 

We want to share with you some ways to connect with mother earth during the fall season. 

Appreciation And Abundance - We've written in the past about how our two families explored the energy of the food, and how what we eat impacts our health. Becoming cognizant of the energy that lives within your food can change the way you look at what you want to eat and how you're going to feel after you eat it.

Harvesting - Explore harvest season as a family by harvesting your own fruits and vegetables, volunteering at a community garden, or taking a tour of the grocery store. Talk about the different vegetables (especially local produce) that is in season right now. Talk about how the produce was grown, picked, and delivered to the store. Ask your child what vegetable or fruit feels good to his/her body right now. Let them choose one to purchase and bring home to eat. 

Cooking - Take your fresh picked or store-bought fruit or vegetable and prepare a meal or snack together. Food brings people together. Cooking together as a family creates bonding, and provides an opportunity to learn new skills and taste new foods.  
Keep the atmosphere light and fun. Skip the stress and need for perfection. 

Preserving Foods - This is another opportunity to learn in the kitchen, discuss the growing and harvesting cycle, and how to make that food available to eat on during the winter months. There are multiple ways to preserve food. Dehydrating, canning, freezing. What preserving activity does your family want to explore? 

Nature Crafts - Take a nature walk together and explore the changing colors of the leaves (sight), the different smells in the air (smell), and the changes in temperatures (feel) that are beginning as we get closer to winter. Gather leaves, pine needles, feathers, and sea shells and make one of these fun craft projects. Talk with your child about what they see, feel, smell, and hear. Spark conversations about the outside world. Can you identify some of the trees or flowers in your neighborhood? If on a walk in the forest can you identify animal scat and the animal that left a clue it was there? 

Community Events - Check for local fall events. Are there any apple pressing, or fall gatherings taking place near where you live? Make new friends and join in the fun!

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Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children, 
Carol and Stacy

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