Oct 18, 2022

Intentional Conscious Parenting October Energetic Tip!

We are in a seasonal change again. Depending on where you live on our incredible planet you may be heading into Spring or like us here in the USA, we are headed into Fall.

Where can you slow down, tune in and adjust your day-to-day activities to become more in rhythm with mother nature right now?

Even though school activities are ramping up, as the days get shorter and the nights get longer our bodies feel it and often need to be able to make adjustments.

We encourage you to tune into your child's needs too. 

Listen....watch.....feel....and especially pay attention to spoken and unspoken needs as your family adjusts to the seasonal changes.

Some of the changes you might notice in your child are:

Sleeping More - It's very common for our bodies to want more sleep as we move into the fall/winter season. Carol especially likens herself to a mother bear who loves to hibernate whenever she possibly can. Help create a restful environment for your child by removing distractions, and unnecessary light and be sure to limit wi-fi/electronics during sleep hours. Comfy bedding and comfortable temperatures can create a calming sleep atmosphere. 

Cuddle Time - There are fun activities you can set up for your child as playtime outside decreases and playtime inside increases. Set up a tent if space allows or create forts out of sheets and blankets. Add oversize pillows, stuffed animals, and wondrous books to read. An indoor art station can provide hours of creative fun. 

Food - You may notice your child is ready to try new foods. Taste buds change as your child grows so don't be afraid to share a fall vegetable or try a new recipe. Sometimes just one bite can change their attitude about trying something new. We like to stay especially attentive to supplements (think vitamin D/zinc) and nutritional needs especially in winter when we're inside more. 

Sensory Adjustments - As the need for warmer clothes looms closer, some children experience sensory overload due to the way heavier winter clothes, coats, mittens, and hats feel. Texture and weight are noticeable. Pay close attention so you can limit the meltdowns, and keep your child safe and warm but avoid unnecessary chaos. Let your child help pick out their clothes, discover new textures, showing you what feels ok and safe for them. 

The Need For More Indoor Exercise - Be sure to check out our post about fun Yoga Adventures For Kids. One show, in particular, is granddaughter approved and one of our favorite daily exercise routines. 

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Carol and Stacy

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