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Oct 2, 2011

Grace, Alexandra and Leigh share their thoughts about our Intentional Conscious Parenting Community

"Intentional Conscious parenting brings me together with like minded people. I'm always delighted with the variety of subjects discussed and shared on the site. Each area covers the ways we can participate within our family and communities as a whole to benefit our health in mind, body and soul." ~ Grace Hodgin 

Grace is a mother, grandmother and is very artistic. Visit her blog to see all her amazing jewelry for sale. Carol's favorite is her green man necklaces.

"Intentional Conscious Parenting is a virtual community vested in nurturing and inspiring the spirits of parents and children.  It shares creative visions on conscious living and opens doors for authors like me to connect with other soulful travelers.  I have found virtual community with visionaries and teachers I never knew exsisted.  Thank you ICP...I am GRATEFUL for your support and wisdom!" ~ Alexandra Folz
Here's our full review of Indigo's Bracelet.

What ICP means to me...