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Apr 4, 2017

Why Empaths Are Misdiagnosed With Sensory Processing Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, or Chronic Fatigue.

We'd like to tell you about our friend and colleague Judith Orloff MD – a UCLA psychiatrist, an empath, and NY Times bestselling author. In her new book, The Empath’s Survival Guide Dr. Orloff offers support to empaths and highly sensitive people as well as anyone who wants to develop their empathy to become a more caring, empowered person.

Dec 16, 2011

Carol And Stacy's Review Of Second Sight By Judith Orloff, M.D.

Second Sight ~ An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Extraordinary Story And Shows You How To Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom. Judith Orloff, M.D.

Stacy and Carol's Review Of Second Sight By Judith Orloff, M.D. 
All quotes are from Second Sight.

We could tell the minute Second Sight arrived in the mail by looking at the name of the chapters this was going to be a great book!

The beginning of wisdom, validating the voice, the alchemy of dreams, intuitive experiences in everyday life, the well-balanced intuitive, the spiritual path of intuition, and honoring the gift are just some of the chapter titles.

"I listen and diagnose with my intellect and my intuition, a potent inner wisdom that goes beyond the linear mind." 

Second Sight is a raw and honest tell-tell book about how an intuitive spiritual being came into her own. Even though Judith's mother tried to stifle Judith's gifts as a child, Judith persevered and followed her inner calling. The dynamic relationships Judith has encountered through-out her life grabbed us and pulled us into her world. It was so intensely familiar to us we couldn't wait to turn the next page. This is one book we did not want to end.

" At the onset, you must approach intuition with the proper attitude. The power that comes with it can be very seductive, and should always be treated with the utmost respect. For that reason, one must find a mature teacher, both knowledgeable and humble, to guide the initial stages." 

Judith vigorously pursued knowledge to learn about herself and how to tap into her own inner wisdom. Her extraordinary story will keep you spellbound until you the read the last written word in her book,

Oct 23, 2011

The purpose of cultivating ourselves intuitively, a snippet inside Second Sight By Judith Orloff

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"The purpose of cultivating ourselves intuitively is to open. And then to open even more. With prescience, we come to know ourselves well, become more sensitive to friends and family. Better able to respond to their needs, we can be lovingly in harmony with our relationships. The choices we make become truly well-informed, based on our innermost desires, not on some artificial notion of who we are supposed to be."

Second Sight ~ An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Extraordinary Story And Shows You How To Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom By Judith Orloff, M.D.  

A must have book for anyone willing to walk an intuitive path ~ Carol Lawrence