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Sep 27, 2010

And the Winners Are .....Congratulations to Lucy & Mindy!

Latest Updates..

And the winners are..........
Congratulations to Lucy Miller. You have won a copy of "Operation Beautiful!" Please email us your address so we can have your book sent to you.

Congratulations to Mindy Marie you are the winner of "What We Have" by Amy Boesky! 

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Children's picture book A Night In The Woods by Dave McGraw
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Awesomism A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism by Suzy Miller 
Stacy's Top Ten Reasons Why "Awesomism" Is A Vital, Indispensable Groundbreaking Book! 

Zen Mama by Betsy Henry

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We want to share with you a 34-page Mini Personal Growth Book
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Aug 31, 2010

Operation Beautiful-Have you paid it forward today?

I've always been interested in affirmations and positive self talk.
If you were to visit my house you would find affirmations on my bathroom and bedroom mirrors, posted on my doors, kitchen cupboards and other random places around the house. 

When I had a chance to review Caitlin Boyle's new book "Operation Beautiful" I couldn't resist. You see Caitlin was tired of watching people, especially women pick themselves apart over their weight or other inadequacies. She jotted down a little note on a post it pad that said, "You are beautiful" and placed it on a public bathroom mirror. Then from there Operation Beautiful began. It picked up momentum and spread around the world like wild fire. People were finding post it notes with all kinds of wonderful, encouraging sayings on them in the girls bathrooms at school, in line at the bank, the backs of marathon runners, grocery store isles and even on the window of a blood donation center. "Smile, You are beautiful!", "Beauty is here forever", "This is not a trick mirror. You look awesome" are just a few of the encouraging comments people left. What a great way to pay it forward!

What encouraging words could you leave for someone to find?
Here's the encouraging words I posted on the bulletin board by our neighborhood mailboxes. 
Everyone in the neighborhood will see it!

Can you imagine if every young woman in the world grew up believing in herself and excepting her body the way it is? No more negative self talk? Feeling empowered?
Operation Beautiful is full of remarkable reminders of how special and unique we all are and how we can gently help remind each other of this in subtle ways. Caitlin Boyle shares simple ways to lead a more focused, appreciative life. 
If you are struggling with self confidence, weight loss or just need a great book to read this book is for you! If you have young daughters you can practice the same techniques used in this book to instill in them now while they are young how beautiful they truly are. Have a teenage girl in your life? Give this book to her as a gift and inspire her to pay it forward to all her friends.
This isn't just for girls either. Leaving encouraging messages are beneficial for boys and men also. Reading a positive message can have many beneficial effects on the body and mind. It's sort of like having someone smile at you.

To read about Caitlin and more encouraging "Operation Beautiful" notes that continue to be found around the world check out Operation Beautiful

Giveaway! To win your own copy of Operation Beautiful and a post it note pad it's very simple:

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  • Visit Operation Beautiful and leave a comment and return here and leave a comment letting us know about all your entries. (Four entries)
  • Tied entries will be selected by

If you win I will contact you for your shipping information and someone from Penquin will ship it off to you. The winner will be announced the end of next week. 

Have you read Operation Beautiful? I would love to hear about it. Did you pay it forward and leave an encouraging note for someone to find? What did your post it note say?
Are you having your children do the same? Email me pictures of the creative comments you and your children came up with and I'll post your pictures, blog links and info on our blog.
Written by: Carol Lawrence