Apr 15, 2021

An Energetic Clearing Tool To Teach Your Children

Water, it’s more than a life force, it’s a rejuvenator and a purifier. 

If you’ve followed the work of Dr. Emoto’s work in his book The Hidden Messages Of Water you already know how incredible water truly is. 

It does more than just keep us alive and cleanse us physically. It cleans our energy field as well. 

An excellent conscious living tool is to create a habit of visualizing all your stuck energy, stress, and anxiety going down the drain. 

Concentrate on the feeling of the water on your skin. In your minds eye see the water washing away your negative thoughts, anger, anxiety or any unwanted energy. 

See your chakras radiantly glowing with bright colors expanding out beyond your body. 

Release, knowing, unwanted energies are washing down the drain. 

This can also work while bathing, swimming and playing in water. Teach your children how to practice letting water clear the energy, becoming one of their treasured energetic tools. 


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Apr 7, 2021

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

It's no secret that keeping your child's teeth healthy can be tricky. From sugary cereals and snacks to candy and juice, a lot of things geared toward kids aren't exactly great for their teeth. So what can you do to help keep their pearly whites happy and healthy? Here are three simple tips you can use to keep your kids' dental health on the right track.

Apr 5, 2021

Teach Your Kids Basic Skills By Getting Them Involved in Household Projects

The joy of having kids in your family and the happiness they bring along cannot be understated. As a parent, you want the same spirit every second of the day. It is important to involve your kids in different activities, chores, and routines within the house. This helps them learn life and other basic skills that come in handy as they grow up. Below are the ways your kids can learn basic skills when they get involved in household projects.

Starting a Garden In Your Backyard

In most cases, the idea of gardening is not appealing to kids -- but you can make it fun! It is one way of teaching them the importance of farming and crop production. The garden you start in your backyard brings about the knowledge of different types of vegetables and other plants with nutritional value.

Mar 30, 2021

Tips For Soothing Sick Kids

Being sick is never fun, and it's even less fun for a child who may not fully understand what's going on. Taking care of a sick child can be tricky, but there are some ways to make it easier. Let's look at some tips for soothing sick kids so that everyone has a more manageable experience.

Feb 24, 2021

Tips For Teaching Your Kids to Be Environmentally Conscious

With climate change impacting the world so heavily, it's more important now than any other time to make sure we're being as environmentally conscious as possible. Our kids are the next generation of life on this planet and making sure that they know how to take care of the Earth is important. Below are a few ways that you can teach your kids about being environmentally conscious and action items you can take as a family right now to help the environment.

Spend Time in Nature

One of the parts of saving the environment is making sure that our natural surroundings are being preserved. By taking your kids out into nature through hikes, visiting parks, or other natural areas, you can start to show them the importance of protecting the environment. Plus getting out into nature is a great way to bond as a family.

Feb 20, 2021

Can your child reflect the energy of someone else in the room?

Can your child reflect the energy of someone else in the room?
Intentional Conscious Parenting Kids Card Deck

Absolutely they can!
Children are their own little beings. They have good and bad days just like adults do, but they also have the uncanny ability to mirror a person in their environment taking on an energy of anger, fussiness and discontent. Maybe you've noticed this?
If your child is modeling someone else’s behavior nearby he/she might be unaware especially if he is young. Even babies often cry when in the environment of a confused, angry or aggressive personality. They also cry when they are fussy, hungry or need changing. 

Feb 12, 2021

Tips to Teach Your Teen About Being a Safe Driver

When teenagers obtain their driver's licenses, parents typically feel worried and overwhelmed. They may not want to hand over their keys to their new and inexperienced driver. However, the time comes when they'll have to drive to work, school, and other activities. What safe driving tips and conversations should you have with your teen before they're out on the road without your supervision? Look to these ideas to get you started.

Jan 26, 2021


Affirmation Coloring Pages
Introducing our 10 printable affirmation coloring pages to help children foster a healthy mindset. Children are never to young to start learning how to speak highly to themselves and begin training their inner dialogue to become a place of strength and support. Purchase, Download PDF and Print One Or All As Many Times As You Want. (No Commercial License) Fun affordable Valentine's Day Creative Coloring Pages. Coloring is excellent for creativity, it's calming and de-stressing.

Jan 24, 2021

5 Hands-On Jobs That Provide Beneficial Skills and Experience for Teens

Many teenagers look for part-time jobs to earn some money and gain job experience. However, what many high schoolers don't realize is that they're also gaining important and relevant work experience and exercising crucial social skills. Many part-time jobs that high school students work lend opportunities for social growth and the ability to learn about teamwork, responsibility, and respect. 

Jan 23, 2021

Kids Are Resilient And Have The Ability To Adapt Quickly.

Times are a changing, the thing is they are always changing. We can learn a lot from our kiddos. Kids are resilient, and have the ability to quickly adapt. Why? Because they live in the present moment. 

Watch them play with their toys, interact with a sibling, watch a show. They tune right in. As they get older the conditions and beliefs of life /parents are bestowed upon them. If you see your older kids full of worry, practice demonstrating how to be more present with them. Practice living in the present moment. 

Jan 21, 2021

Interview With Author Peggy Arndt

We are so happy to share with you our most recent author interview with Peggy Arndt. Dive in and be sure to post your comments or any questions you may have. Thanks for stopping by!

Carol And Stacy:
On your blog
MaxyourMind  you share Self-care tips, tools, techniques & neuroscience research for MIND, BODY & SOUL. We love that. It’s right up our alley! How did you get started down the path of neuroscience?

Peggy: I was a psychotherapist in private practice and I would read books and articles to keep up with the current science on therapy.  After reading a book on biology and violence, I realized there was a lot of research on the brain that I had missed. I began avidly reading neuroscience. I used what I learned both with myself and with my clients. 

Carol And Stacy: We see you have a book coming out called, “Neuroscience – Hacking Your Way to Happiness”, Can you share what inspired you to write this book?

Peggy: After my fellow psychotherapist Judy Westerfield and I retired, we decided to write the blog MAXyourMIND to share information on mental and emotional well-being we had used in a combined 60+ years of practice. We also focus on current neuroscience research. 

Jan 11, 2021

Tips For Setting Your Kids Up With Life-Long Health Habits

The key to leading a long, healthy life is to make healthy choices a habit. Starting these habits as early as possible can help to ensure that your kids are able to lead happy, healthy lives. The average American has a life expectancy of 78 years, but that number changes based on income level, region, and some other demographic descriptors. To help your child live a long life, you can help them develop healthy habits as early as possible. The tips below are a few ways you can set your child up for healthy habits they can use for years to come.